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Case Studies


Location: Naperville, IL 60540

Problem: Contractor was hired to improve attic ventilation and evaluate current value/efficiency of insulation, but discovered visible mold on sheathing throughout attic. Proper inspection determined cause of mold growth to be moisture from condensation as a result of the previously inadequate ventilation and improper bathroom fan exhausting.

Solution: Ventilation and exhausting problems were resolved by the contractor where he cleared out clogged soffit vents and installed exhausted bathroom fans to terminate through roof. AdvantaClean performed mold removal and stain removal. We began by protecting the home from any damage by covering the floor from the home's entry to the attic hatch with leak proof mats and adhesive carpet protector. Then, we treated the attic sheathing and rafters to lift and remove the soil load, mold colonization, leaving the attic free of the previous staining. 

 mold removal mold in the attic in Naperville  black mold removal

  mold removal from a leaky roof that caused black mold  mold remediation in an attic with poor ventilation mold remediation in the attic in Naperville IL


Location: Oak Brook, IL 60523

Problem: Wet carpet near exterior wall in basement led the homeowner to explore the cause. Homeowner pulled back the carpet, found visible black growth stretching about 8 ft along under side and edge of carpet. At this point, water intrusion was identified coming from behind drywall directly under a window. Homeowner removed small section of baseboard, and multiple layers of drywall and wood paneling, exposing an actively leaking foundation crack as well as evidence of mold on the bottom few inches of the drywall adjacent to the removed area of drywall and paneling.

Solution: Moisture Problem Resolved: Homeowner hired foundation repair company to patch and test the crack. We then isolated the work area, constructed floor to ceiling containment, and separated the area of concern from the rest of the basement. We Placed a HEPA 500 Air Scrubber within the containment and exhausting out of the contained space. This is to control the airflow by creating negative pressure in the contained space, preventing air born mold spores from contaminating the rest of the home. The mold remediation process was performed. We HEPA vacuumed heavy visible mold growth and debris from surface of impacted areas before any demo is started. For demo we removed and placed affected materials (4SF of drywall and wood paneling, 16LF of baseboard) directly into trash bags, “gooseneck” and yellow tape bags. Then we prepared demoed /affected areas for thorough cleaning process. During cleaning we bagged debris that could not be HEPA vacuumed. Swept up screws, nails, heavy dust and debris. HEPA vacuumed every inch of the work area (entire contained space) methodically to capture non-visible mold spores (top and bottom of carpet, pad had already been removed by homeowner). Then we used a chemical  treatment to spray with hydrogen peroxide cleaner. Scrubbed treated areas with stiff bristled brush. Extracted excess cleaning solution using shop-vac. Followed-up with anti-microbial treatment of building materials as well as affected carpet. Lastly, used a stain removing product to remove dark, moldy stained areas on under side of carpet.

mold removal containment  black mold hiding behind the sheetrock HEPA vaccuming the mold removal area  black mold removal mold remediation in Oak Brook  water damage from the carpet left black mold growth

mold removal extraction in Oak Brook IL water damage drying  mold removal remediation

Moisture Control Attic Encapsulation

Location: Lisle, IL 60532

Problem: The attic had previously been coated with a sealant that was peeling and falling from the attic making the sealant ineffective to block moisture from being absorbed into the sheathing and rafters creating an environment where mold growth is likely.

Solution: The AdvantaClean team began by staging the home, protecting it from damage and preventing cross contamination.  Next the team scraped and HEPA vacuumed the loose and pealing existing sealant from the sheathing and rafters.  Once complete, the attic was resealed with an encapsulation product that acts as a barrier to liquid moisture from condensation while allowing water vapor to escape from the wood materials to maintain a dry and safe environment in the attic.

attic ventilation attic mold removal and moisture control attic moisture from poor ventilation 

Attic mold caused by poor ventilation

LOCATION: Hinsdale, IL 60521

PROBLEM: Mold Contaminated Attic Sheeting

The insulation was found to be pushed too tightly into the soffit area preventing the eve ventilation system from performing as designed.  The lack of ventilation allowed for condensation, introducing moisture into the attic creating an environment conducive to mold growth.

SOLUTION: Cut back the insulation four inches around the full attic perimeter allowing the attic to breath and ventilate as designed.  Completed our AdvantaClean of DuPage County standard three step process to remove, cleanse, and neutralize the microbial contamination restoring the structural material. 

 hinsdale IL attic mold  Hinsdale IL Advantaclean attic mold  AdvantaClean Of Dupage County Attic Mold


LOCATION: Naperville, IL 60563

PROBLEM: When Paul was removing the contents he had stored in his attic while getting his home ready to be listed for sale he noticed what appeared to be mold growing on the attic sheathing and rafters.  Realizing that attic mold could make is difficult to sell his home, Paul called AdvantaClean of DuPage County to evaluate and resolve the situation in his attic.  During the inspection it was discovered that the attic wasn't breathing as designed causing high moisture content resulting in an environment where mold could grow and colonize.

SOLUTION: AdvantaClean of DuPage County began by protecting the home from any damage by covering the floor from the home's entry to the attic hatch with leak proof mats and adhesive carpet protector.  Next, our professional crew improved the attic's ventilation allowing it to breath by clearing the insulation from the soffit vents.  Once the attic was breathing as designed the team treated the attic sheathing and rafters to lift and remove the soil load, mold colonization, leaving the attic free of the previous staining.

mold in a Naperville, IL attic   white mold spores covering the attic walls 

mold removal and mold remediation in Naperville, IL   black mold covering the attic walls

mold removal in Naperville, IL performed by AdvantaClean of Dupage County  mold remediation cleared from all mold


Location: Naperville, IL 60565

Problem: The customer's downstairs bathroom drywall ceiling had water damage staining. AdvantaClean of DuPage County's inspection recorded the moisture content of the ceiling at 99.9%.  The source of water intrusion was not readily apparent but the upstairs bathroom was suspected to be the source of the moisture.  A thorough detailed inspection of the upstairs bathroom did not lead to identification of the leak, removal of the contaminated drywall was recommended to allow for the plumbing to be inspected to discover the leak. Water damage mitigation had to be performed. 

Solution: The AdvantaClean crew began by staging the job, covering the floors to prevent any additional damage to the customer's home.  Next, the team staged the project by containing the room and establishing negative air pressure differential, preventing cross contamination of the home.  After containing the utilities and cabinetry the demolition work was completed.  Mold was discovered on the wet ceiling drywall and was securely bagged, removed from the home, and disposed of offsite.  The leaky shower drain pipe from above was discovered exposing the source of the water leak to be fixed by the customer's plumber. The water damage removal was performed and removed. 

water damage removal in Naperville, IL   water damage removal from a overflown toilet in Naperville IL

mold growth after water damage   mold growth on the back of sheetrock  mold spores



Location: Lombard, IL 60148

Problem: The condo owner decided to update the property after the previous tenant moved out.  She found very dirty duct work and dryer vent. Air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning needed to be performed to prevent house fires and ensure quality indoor air. 

Solution: AdvantaClean of DuPage County utilized HEPA filtered negative air pressure with a 2500 cfm vacuum machine to prevent blowing dislodged dust and debris throughout the living space.  Concurrently AdvantaClean agitated, dislodged and displaced the dust and debris in the duct work and dryer vent cleaning the duct work.  The final step is to remove the air handler and dryer vent enclosures to HEPA vacuum inside.  The final product is a fully cleaned system.

air duct cleaning by AdvantaClean of Dupage County  mold removal from an air duct vent mold removal in commercial air vents

condo air duct cleaning coil cleaning in Naperville IL 


Location: Naperville, IL 60565

Problem: The ejector pump failed with the April Aire whole home humidifier continuing to run overflowing the sump basin and flooding the utility room and adjacent basement living room.  Carpet, carpet pad, drywall, and baseboard materials were completely saturated.  Preliminary evaluation revealed mold colonization in both the wall and floor materials. Mold removal and water damage restoration had to be performed. 

Solution: The AdvantaClean team began by evaluating the extent of the water damaged material, developing a plan of action, and communicating in detail with the homeowner.  Next the team removed the contents from the work area clearing the space so we could complete the prescribed work.  Up to 80% of the bulk water was extracted.  The wet carpet, baseboard and drywall material was removed.  Next the impacted area was disinfected and cleaned.  With that part of the project complete, drying equipment was brought in to dehumidify and circulate the air to dry the home's structure.

mold remover from the ejector pump dry wall removal mold remediation underneath the carpet of water damage 

water damage leak  water damage drying

Mold Removal - Basement Drywall (Foundation Crack-water intrusion/Toilet Leak) 

Location: Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 

Problem: Discovered 3 areas of mold growth on drywall in basement.

Area 1: West Exterior Wall (3LF behind baseboard)
Cause: Faulty Foundation Crack Repair

Area 2: North Exterior Wall (2LF behind baseboard, below window)
Cause: New Foundation Crack - starting from basement window

Area 3: Ceiling in Basement Office (1'x1' discoloration)
Cause: Toilet Leak 

Solution: Isolated each area of work by creating containment chambers from floor to ceiling, with air flow management using HEPA 500 air scrubbers within and exhausting out (creating negative air flow).

Area 1 and 2:
Removed baseboard. HEPA vacuumed surface mold. Removed and immediately bagged affected drywall in 3 mil plastic garbage bags. Securely taping each bag before removing from contained space. Cleaned exposed studs, sill plates, and foundation concrete using our 3-step process (1. HEPA vacuum 2. Apply hydrogen peroxide cleaner product and scrub 3. Apply anti-microbial product). Followed up by one final HEPA vacuum of entire contained space before taking down containment.

Area 3:
HEPA vacuumed surface mold. Removed and immediately bagged affected drywall in 3 mil plastic garbage bags. Securely taping each bag before removing from contained space. Cleaned exposed floor joists and under side of sub-floor using our 3-step process (1. HEPA vacuum 2. Apply hydrogen peroxide cleaner product and scrub 3. Apply anti-microbial product). Followed up by one final HEPA vacuum of entire contained space before taking down containment.




Location: Itasca, IL 60143

Problem: Metal Collar, connected to the external vent going through the side of the home, was not properly mounted. The extra long collar was not supported and with the added weight of the flex tubing (that runs to the dryer), collar tube separated from external vent. This caused inefficient exhausting of the dryer lint and moist dryer air, most of which blew back in to the basement.

Solution: Reconnected Metal Collar Tube to the external vent using screws and UL listed metal tape. Supported distal end of Collar Tube with zip ties mounted to sub-floor and joists. 

Completed standard dryer vent cleaning, which included thorough HEPA vacuuming of the back of the Dryer Unit, as well as the inside of all the ducting.

air duct cleaning due to excess dust  mold in the air duct  

air duct cleaning performed in the basement  clean air duct handler

air duct cleaning finished

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Location: Villa Park, IL 60181

Problem: Employees were complaining about poor indoor air quality and adverse allergy type symptoms from possible mold colonization and duct that hadn't been cleaned in several years.  The inspection and related air sample testing did not indicated an ongoing mold contamination situation.  Whereas, the inspection did reveal dirty air ducts with dark black material being distributed throughout the work environment.

Solution: AdvantaClean of DuPage County mapped the commercial duct system and developed the plan to complete the cleaning.  The air handler was isolated from the both the return and supply side air ducts before connecting the 2500 cfm HEPA filtered vacuum to establish negative pressure differential preventing cross contamination.  Each diffuser was disconnected and cleaned, compressed air was utilized with agitation whips designed to dislodge and removal the built of material in the ducts pushing the material to the vacuum where is captured.  Once the cleaning was completed the diffusers were reinstalled and the unit put back in service.  The workers commented the next day that the environment no longer smelled of burnt dust.

air duct cleaning before  air duct cleaning after  

air duct vent before  air duct after

air duct cleaning due to black mold  air duct cleaning results  clean vents after air duct cleaning and coil cleaning  commercial air duct cleaning

Water Damage

Location: Naperville, IL 60565

Problem: Water Line Supplying exterior spigot to the back of the house had a significant leak that soaked the ceiling, exterior wall, and carpet/padding of the finished basement.

Solution: -Removed ceiling drywall in general area of where the leak appeared to originate, to allow access for plumbing repairs to be made.
-Constructed a containment wall (barrier) to isolate the area for drying the wet building materials.
-Extracted bulk water from carpet, disengaged carpet from tack strip, folded carpet back to remove padding. This process allows for successful drying and saving of carpet. 
-Applied anti-microbial product to concrete floor and back side of carpet to help prevent mold/mildew growth.
-Removed drywall on exterior wall 1 foot up to allow access for removing wet insulation. Also removed section of drywall from floor to ceiling directly below where spigot exits rear of house because this area of insulation needed to be completely removed.
-Placed air movers and a Large Dehumidifier to remove moisture from building materials. Also, directed two fans with tubing attached to circulate air into the ceiling cavity to dry the ceiling drywall.

water damage under carpet carpet water damage removal 

water damage drywall extraction wet insulation

 water damage drying

drying contamination