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Attic Mold


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Mold Removal and Moisture Control in Attics in Lancaster

Mildew smell creeping in the air of your home?

There is a high possibility that you might have discovered mold growth in your attic.

Why does mold grow in the attics in Lancaster, PA?

The basic reason behind mold growth is the presence of moisture, which accentuates the growth of mold spores. The presence of attic mold in Lancaster happens as a result of abundance of active leaking roofs, poor ventilation in many areas such as Erie County, and the use of bathroom exhaust fans. 

Mold remediation services

Mold remediation is a complex process which can’t be seen through just through bleaching. The process involves removing porous and semi-porous materials, sanitizing salvageable materials, and encapsulating seal pores. This is the way mold walls in Lancaster area are handled usually. Our understanding of mold is much better and we deal with the problem at a molecular level. We are capable of eradicating molds while keeping your walls brand new. 

Why choose us 

AdvantaClean experts are well aware of the best industry practices for the removal of attic mold. They are professional and their project execution too happens more quickly. Apart from this, you don’t just need a mold remediation expert, but a fast mold removal expert who can sanitize your home and kill toxic bacteria. To get more information, call our experts. 

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