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water damage

Kendall, FL, has much to brag about: a comfortable median household income, rising home values, reasonable property taxes and low unemployment. Given its location in Miami-Dade County, it enjoys comfortable climates year round and easy access to retail, recreation and cultural venues. These are a few of the reasons that the population of Kendall, FL, grows. The close access to the Atlantic Ocean in peninsular south Florida is also a strong selling point. This advantage, of course, has a flip side: tropical storms, hurricanes and the flood damage that comes in their wake. Residents of this attractive town, therefore, are best advised to deal with water damage quickly and completely. 

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Water damage in Kendall, FL, shows up in several forms. Rotted wood, rusted steel and corroded finishes are three of its calling cards. Rot in wood is not just problematic where immediately visible, but has a tendency to spread like cancer. This makes water damage restoration all the more urgent. Steel also needs attention since rust can—over time—weaken pipes leading to costly and untimely bursts. Flood damage can also erode finishes from hardwood floors, furniture and countertops. Yet water damage is not solely caused by floods. Leaky pipes and dysfunctional plumbing can also produce unsightly and unhealthy water-driven consequences.

Among the most detrimental effects of water damage to health is the presence of mold, a generic term used for multiple kinds of fungi that grow in wet and damp locations. Other than as a source of penicillin, mold does much harm. As often invisible as it is visible, mold emits a funky odor in the home. Worse, mold presence is responsible for many different respiratory conditions, from the sniffles to obstructive pulmonary disorders. “Sick building syndrome” is termed such because the inhabitants suffer ailments traceable to mold deposits. Finding and remediating mold is an essential component to water damage restoration. 

Flood water can be hazardous in other ways, too, especially when sewers and septic tanks back up into your property. “Grey water” can invade your home or business, bringing with it a sizable amount of micro-organisms and chemical contaminants. “Black water” is even more toxic, carrying harmful bacteria, fungi and sewage. The pollution done cannot be overstated, particularly if the foreign debris is allowed to ferment for any length of time. To preserve the property at the least cost, immediate water damage restoration is necessary. 

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Kendall, FL, property owners who call us for water damage restoration can expect a swift response, beginning with a thorough evaluation of the damage. This in section is followed up with water removal and extraction by our professional technicians. Not content to leave even a smidgeon of dampness (making more mold possible), we apply state-of-the-art technology to completely dry and dehumidify the affected area, and subsequently clean and refresh soiled surfaces and furniture. Sometimes, replacement is necessary, depending on the extent of damage. The good news is that owners are left with a clean, comfortable and habitable home or business in Kendall, FL.

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