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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Wet, Nasty and Smelly Crawl Space Problem EBook



The 5 most common problems in a home with a crawlspace are:

  • Mold.
  • Pests.
  • Cold floors
  • Buckling floors.
  • Wood rot.

Abnormal moisture levels cause all of these.

It is not enough to install more crawlspace vents, because vents can actually trap more moisture into the crawlspace if they are not

According to an Advanced Energy study, implementing additional ventilation causes higher relative humidity levels, as well as ways for energy to escape. Plus, it exposes your home to pests, bugs, and bacteria. This study shows consistent evidence that insulated crawlspaces work better than ventilated crawlspaces.

Here are the most important findings from the study on crawlspace moisture problems:

  • Crawlspace encapsulation, wood rot and moisture stay below 12%.
  • Insulated crawlspaces are significantly dryer than crawlspaces with lots of vents.
  • When tested in a dryer climate, the sealed crawl spaces controlled normal moisture levels (around 50%); yet the vented crawl spaces kept 70% relative humidity for a only a few days.
  • Crawlspace encapsulations also significantly reduce excess mold from growing. 

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