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Moisture Control

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Your search for cost-effective and reliable moisture control solutions ends with AdvantaClean of Greenville. We have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses with customized moisture control solutions. Reliable and innovative are the two words that describe our services. Whether it is your attic, kitchen, laundry area or the basement, our technicans find out the real cause of moisture damage and then apply the most suitable and lasting solutions. AdvantaClean experts manage to secure your home or commercial property against all sorts of moisture issues that can cause long term mold growth and water damage. 

Moisture in Greenville Residences

moisture in Greenville, SC

Moisture can be the culprit behind most of the damages to your building. The one thing that makes moisture hard to deal with  is that it can go unnoticed for a long time. It can damage almost every part of your building ranging from attic space, basement, flooring to foundation. This is because moisture can permeate almost every structure. Moisture in basements not only damages the structure of a building, it also gives rise to health issues in residents by causing mold growth and pathogens to spread under the home. If you are dealing with moisture in your home, call us today. 

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