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Case Studies

Crawlspace Remediation, Mold Removal

Location: Gibsonville, NC 27249

Problem: We received a call from a customer that just had leak fixed in their crawlspace. They did not know how long this leak was going on for because this was a rental property. I went out and inspected the crawl space and found mold growth on 90% of their floor joists. I explained our service for crawlspace remediation and gave an estimate. I also worked with their insurance adjuster as well. Our customer referred us to his neighbor because they were having the same issue with a leak in their crawlspace.

Solution: We were rewarded the job and got it scheduled right away. We put the crawl space under negative pressure, using our air scrubber. Our crew pulled out all of the wet insulation and hauled it off site. We then began the remediation process by HEPA vacuum all flat surfaces in the crawl space. Then we wiped with an Anti-Microbial solution and got rid of the mold. After the crawl space was clean and dried out, we installed sub floor insulation and vapor barrier. We ended up doing Mr. Apple crawlspace and the neighbors crawlspace as well. 

black mold mold remediation mold removal in the crawlspace

crawlspace encapsulation crawlspace mold and vapor barrier