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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Mold in your Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are often overlooked as areas in your building for moisture build up. One of the most common areas our team sees mold from excess moisture is in crawlspaces that are not often used.

In these areas, leaking and seeping water through the foundation is the most common culprit for moisture and mold build up. Through utilizing mold removal best practices, the AdvantaClean of Northeastern Colorado and Denver team of specialists move quickly to ensure you the shortest amount of time out of your residence.

Our mold restoration services act to ensure you don't have to worry about moisture build up in your crawlspace for years to come.

If you are concerned about moisture and mold in your crawlspace, please give AdvantaClean of Northeastern Colorado a call at 970.373.5001. For Denver assistance, please call 303.877.9960