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Water Damage



Columbia Water Damage Cleanup 

Water damage in this part of South Carolina, like any other region, is attributed to flash flood, faulty plumbing or clogged drainage. But the competent personnel of AdvantaClean of the Midlands have been restoring homes and commercial buildings marred by water-induced damages in Columbia for years.

Our Process 

water damage caused from flash floods in Columbia, SC

  • Remove excess water 
  • Mend damaged furniture
  • Clean up mold growth
  • Clear up debris
  • Repair & maintain affected properties

Our satisfied clients have rated us time and again as the most reliable, customer-friendly and knowledgeable restoration company in the entire United States.

Columbia's Local, Reliable, Water Damage Restoration Experts 

When it comes to water damage remediation, you may not know where to start and where to go. But now all those concerns can be laid aside. AdvantaClean of the Midlands is a one-stop company for all water-related issues. As a responsible company committed to the well-being of residents at the community level, AdvantaClean never lets you feel stranded and helpless as a result of water damage. 

water damage experts in Columbia, SC


For Columbia Water Damage Cleanup Call AdvantaClean  at (803) 590-0258