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AdvantaClean is owned and operated out of the Beverly/Blue Island area. We take pride in prompt, thorough and customer focused responses to Mold, water damage, crawlspace and air quality concerns.

Beverly / Morgan Park Case Studies

Customer: Lauren 

Location: 60643

Problem: Sewer back up in the basement caused extensive damage to personal effects and building materials. Due to extent and amount of mold damage, containment was required to prevent contaminants from entering the rest of the home while all affected materials were being discarded.

Customer Testimonial :  "The AdvantaClean team did a great job on our basement when we discovered mold in the walls and floor. They were on-time, courteous, and did a very good job." 

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Beverly Area Water Damage Mitigation

Customer: Dix 

Location: 60290

Problem: Family was on vacation enjoying their Lake home. Daughter was checking up on the home and found water everywhere. Source was a small 4 inch pvc pipe that had somehow broken it's connection and been leaking for 2-3 days. Damage extended from the second floor through the first floor and into the basement. Carpet,  hardwood floor and a caved in ceiling were just a few of the things that were damaged.


Once contacted, we instructed the daughter to turn off the main water supply. Then, our emergency service team was able to arrive within an hour to begin the cleaning and drying process. If the homeowner hadn't had the daughter checking up on the home or we hadn't be able to respond quickly, the entire home might've been ruined. 

When on vacation, always have a friend, neighbor or family member checking up on your home to prevent or limit possible situations like these!

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