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is your crawl space dark and damp? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! 

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More than 50% of the air you breathe in your home rises directly from the crawlspace. This air contains water vapor from the soil, as well as moisture that seeps through the concrete walls. This can lead to humidity-related problems in the house, such as musty odors and mold growth. In addition, most crawlspaces have vents to the outside, which allow damp, unconditioned outdoor air to enter your home, as well as manner of pests, insects, bacteria, and other undesirable elements. This can also contribute to musty odors and mold growth, as well as a reduction in energy efficiency.               

Crawl spaces with elevated level of moisture are all too common in many Charleston, SC homes and buildings, especially when the crawl space has an exposed dirt floor. Your crawl space may appear dry on the surface, but the ground always contains moisture. The top layer of soil is always drying as moisture is released from the earth and into your crawlspace. This leads to increased humidity, condensation, and mold growth in the crawl space. 

AdvantaClean of the Lowcountry offers a few different crawl space solutions for moisture. We will begin with an on-site consultation and assessment, during which our certified crawl space professionals will evaluate your crawl space problem to determine the true source of the moisture problem. We will then develop a customized crawl space moisture control solution to properly address your issue. 



AdvantaSeal Crawl Space Encapsulation System consists of three key elements, expertly installed by our highly trained and certified technicians: Crawl Space Solutions Charleston, SC AdvantaSeal

  • Plastic drain matting that completely covers the crawl space to properly manage groundwater. This plastic drain matting is then topped by a reinforced heavy plastic liner. This liner completely encapsulates the crawl space, and isolates the home from the damp ground below.  Our AdvantaSeal system also an anti-microbial additive that is manufactured directly into the material, protecting it from moisture intrusion, mold growth, rodents, insects, and other things that you can cause crawl space problems. 
  • Foam sealing of all outside air vents, as well as all penetrations from the crawl space up into the living area of the home. These penetrations include cut outs for plumbing, HVAC ductwork, and other holes that allow moist, unconditioned crawlspace air into the living space. 
  • In some circumstances, we may recommend the installation of a dehumidifier, which maintains the relative humidity in the crawl space to be below 50%. 

 Crawlspace vapor barrier in Bellevue, WA  AdvantaClean of the East Side crawlspace moisture control.

THE ADVANTAdrain CRAWL SPACE waterproofing system

AdvantaDrain is uniquely designed with “flow channels” which increase water flow rates. The AdvantaDrain’s structural integrity resists degrading or breaking down and is built to last. The engineered sleeve geotextile netting provides the necessary filtering of soil particles to help prevent clogging. The AdvantaDrain ties into the sump pump system or other drain so that the water can be discharged from your crawls pace or basement to a designated discharge location.

BENEFITS of crawl space solutions: 

  1. Improved indoor air quality. 
  2. A dry, snug, and healthy home. 
  3. Increased energy efficiency
  4. A crawlspace that is now usable for additional storage. 

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