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Water Damage


Burst pipe? Dishwasher overflow? Water heater break? Leaky ice maker in the refrigerator? Toilet backed up? 

These are just a few of the things that AdvantaClean of the Eastside has dealt with for homeowners in the Seattle region. The amount of damage that water can do in a short time is nothing short of amazing. And often, these disasters happen at the worst possible time: in the middle of the night, or worse, while the home owner is away on vacation.

Great Customer Experience 

That's why the water damage experts at AdvantaClean of the Eastside are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with technicians who are trained not only to dry your home out, but also to be sensitive to your family's needs, schedule, and privacy. When we first meet Seattle water damage customers, they know us only by our great reputation. By the time we leave your home, we are friends.

We Work With Your Insurance Company On Seattle Water Damage Claims

We'll work with your insurance company, but there is never any doubt: YOU are our customer, NOT the insurance company. This is a critical point, because insurance companies try to minimize the amount they pay out in claims. Despite the millions of dollars they spend on "good neighbor" and "good hands" ad campaigns, your satisfaction is not their primary concern. Saving their shareholders' money is.

At AdvantaClean of the Eastside, your satisfaction is our only concern. 

Many insurance companies will refer you to a so-called"preferred provider." This will probably be the local branch of a big national chain. These budget chain operations are "preferred" by the insurance company because they have agreed to accept lower profits in exchange for referrals from the insurance company.  Because of this, these chains aren't really working for you; they are working for the insurance company.

So, ask yourself: are you really in "good hands" with a budget "preferred provider" sent out by your insurance company? NO! You want AdvantaClean of the Eastside in your corner, to advocate for YOU! 

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