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Top Building Trends We Will See in 2014

January 11, 2014 0 Comments
Top Building Trends We’ll See in 2014

The top building trends we will see in 2014 have two things in common: Sustainability and energy efficiency. Builders and contractors will benefit from durability and cut out extra labor costs; while designers will be able to customize details with textures and color. Benefits for homeowners will double: Substantial energy savings and a customized space ranks the top building trends we will see in 2014.

Most homeowners have a list of projects that they want to check off this year. To make the most out of your home (and wallet), check out the top building trends we will see in 2014!

Top Building Trends We Will See in 2014

  • Reclaimed/Recycled Wood

    Not only great for sustainability, reclaimed and recycled wood is ideal for customizing architectural details in your home (like large entry doors and crown-molding). Plus, if you like the Old World styling, check out Duchateau’s new wood flooring. It’s sourced from renewable forests, and can add a custom look to your home.

top building trends we will see in 2014 - Floors
top building trends we will see in 2014 mosaics
  • Mosaics

    Also sourced from the growing ‘green’ trend, mosaics are great for back splashes in kitchens, and you can mix color/texture schemes. Mosaic patterns will surely rank high in the top building trends we will see in 2014. Take a look at mosaics by Ann Sacks – she’s the go-to mosaic guru.

  • CaesarStone

    This engineered material for countertops has actually been around for nearly 10 years. Made from over 90% natural quartz, the pigments added can create a special design detail to your new countertops.

  • ThermaSteel

    This top building trend we will see in 2014 will be more than a fad. It is the front-runner of technology in the construction industry. It is actually able to replace conventional wood framing due to its durability. Basically, it is thermal insulation, sheathing, and a vapor barrier all in one product. DIY Network featured the product on a test structure by a general contractor who sees it as a staple in homes of the future. The energy-efficiency has also been proven: A customer’s open-letter to the company provided a copy of her energy bill, showing a dramatic change in her hot water bill, from $18.00 to about 50 cents in one month.

Top Building Trends We Will See in 2014 ZIPSystem
  • ZIPSystem

    Made by Huber, the ZipSystem is an exterior product for both your home’s roof and walls; plus it eliminates the traditional need for housewrap. Holding its own weather-resistant barrier means the product can prevent moisture problems – drastically reducing your home’s potential for mold growth. It also cuts down possible air leakage; a must-have for an energy-efficient home.

More Info? If you’re tackling a project in your home this year, check out these key things to consider that can help you decide to DIY or Hire a Pro.

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