Trained and Certified West Columbia Mold Inspection Company

Benefits of Hiring a Mold Inspection Company


When property owners struggle with mysterious surface stains or soiling that return after cleaning, along with an unpleasant musty odor, obtaining the opinion of a mold inspection company in West Columbia is a logical next step. Fungal growth and damage to damp building materials can cause persistent problems, but the organisms are often tricky to locate and follow as they spread. The experts at AdvantaClean of West Columbia are up to the search and the chase. Our team masters critical training by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI) while preparing as inspectors and Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT). 

Does Inspection Delay Mold Removal?

The desire to fast-track the clean-up when mold damage is suspected is understandable. Haste can backfire without a review of all aspects concerning your property and its susceptibility to microbial growth. Investing the time to conduct a thorough pre-intervention assessment is vital to strategic remediation planning and will pay out considerable benefits for the integrity of your home. Spores are the “seeds” of a fungal “garden.” They are always in the environment but grow and reproduce only after absorbing water. Information about their life cycle and growth is part of the IICRC and NORIMI curricula.

Long-term solutions to microbial growth and damage rely on a comprehensive understanding of why and how the infestation occurs. One of the priorities during a professional walkthrough is noting evidence of previous or current water damage or other moisture issues such as excessive humidity. Establishing the placement of these underlying conditions is critical to finding and effectively responding to rapidly multiplying mold colonies. The IICRC and NORMI certification and experience our technicians bring to the inspection process means our crews are well-qualified to:

  • Pinpoint the underlying moisture sources fungal spores encountered and absorbed before beginning their growth cycle 

  • Use various moisture-detecting tools and strategies to map the likely perimeters of resulting microbial colonies, including a spread into hidden building cavities.

  • Select the least disruptive approach to effective remediation that permits access to the colonies for the removal of the organisms and cleaning, disinfecting, and drying of the affected structures.  

  • Implement removal and antimicrobial strategies that are effective and sustainable.

Is the removal of all mold necessary? 

Remediation of microbial growth and damage includes, at its heart, the physical removal of the mold and any building materials irreparably damaged by them. AdvantaClean of West Columbia follows the protocols of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which emphasizes mechanical scraping and brushing off of all offending organisms. Removal starts after containing the infected area with polypropylene barriers sealed by negative air pressure. We do everything possible to prevent the drift of active colonies or their moldy debris. Without a diligent effort to find all the affected materials, fungal outliers would continue to grow and reproduce. The outbreak could move into other parts of your property and even rebound in the spaces just cleaned. 

Hiring AdvantaClean of West Columbia as your mold inspection company offers many benefits, ensuring effective and sustainable fungal remediation efforts. Call us at 803-769-7983 to schedule an assessment and arrange any needed services.

AdvantaClean of West Columbia is a full-service property restoration company offering mold inspection services on a menu well supported by our robust knowledge of water damage and moisture control issues. We are constantly aware of the connection between fungal growth and your property’s potential leaks, overflows, appliance malfunctions, floods, and unrestrained humidity. Our team can educate property owners on avoiding the recurring proliferation of primitive life forms through practical moisture management tips. A careful review of the individual circumstances of your property leads to recommendations on water intrusion prevention and restoration of previous unresolved damage that could fuel secondary damage from mildew and other fungi.