Fire Damage Cleanup for Chapin South Carolina

AdvantaClean Offers Quality Fire Cleanup Results

It might be difficult to imagine anything more traumatizing than a fire breaking out in your Chapin home, threatening your sense of security. According to reports put out (Pun Intended) by the National Fire Protection Association, structure fires get reported every 65 seconds across the United States. Once the alarms sound, first responders head out to aid property owners with rapid, decisive action. After the smoke clears, you can contact AdvantaClean of West Columbia with our fast, 24/7 emergency response year-round. 

When looking at fire damage cleanup in the Chapin area, you must know that the initial 24 to 48 hours after the event are known as the recovery “golden hours.” You need an effective emergency response to help mitigate damage and stabilize your building to help recover as much as possible. Any acidic soot and smoke residues left after a fire will quickly corrode and deteriorate building materials and contents. To make matters even worse, you must address water or chemicals used to extinguish the flames. 

Our Processes Get Results

Here at AdvantaClean of West Columbia, our fire damage restoration process includes end-to-end services for mitigating damage, facilitating smoke odor removal, and handling drying to help salvage as much as possible. Beyond any of the visible structural damage, all contents inside your property will get evaluated for recovery based on various factors, such as:

  • Costs of replacement vs. restoration

  • Effects of heat and smoke

  • Loss of use or value

  • Decreased lifespan

  • Sentimental values

AdvantaClean of West Columbia’s restoration services also includes support such as emergency property protection, thermal deodorization, demolition, and disposal. You can trust that our experienced team will formulate a course of action tailored to your property’s needs.

We Work Closely with Local First Responders

Our AdvantaClean of West Columbia team works closely with all local first responders and fire departments. We get called in to help with mitigation and restoration efforts just after a fire gets extinguished. Some of our support services include the following:

  • Site containment and emergency board-up/tarping – Helps to secure your premises while preserving the scene from further damage.

  • Work with local arson investigators: This may involve debris manipulation, securing evidence, storage, transport, etc.

  • Provide backup emergency power and lighting as restoration takes place.

What About Personal Belongings?

Any personal belongings impacted by fire will get thoroughly inspected by our IICRC-certified technicians. Our goal is to salvage whatever is possible with our professional cleaning and restoration techniques. 

  • Electronics & Textiles – We may work with local vendors to handle any specialty items to ensure the best possible chance of recovery.

  • All Other Content – Our team is trained to carry out onsite content cleaning of large furnishings and other miscellaneous objects. Should some belongings need to be packed out for further repair or cleaning, AdvantaClean of West Columbia inventory all items onsite, pack them up, and move them to our warehouse for further assessment. 

Structural Cleaning is Critical

Fire events and soot can generate noticeable cosmetic damage but may also pollute your air with harmful, strong particles. Our technicians use various methods to fully clean and restore indoor air quality (IAQ) by disinfecting all surfaces. 

  • We filter the air in the damaged zones using air scrubbers with onboard HEPA filters.

  • All unsalvageable materials get removed and disposed of so that structural cleaning may begin.

  • Smoke odor removal begins by cleaning all surface areas and hidden spaces like your ductwork. We may also use odor-counteractant products or thermal fogging equipment to remove pungent odors. 

You want a trusted name in the fire damage restoration industry, so you can count on AdvantaClean of West Columbia. When you call us at (803) 769-7983, your property will have the full attention of our highly-skilled technicians. 

Never wait or let DIY fire damage cleanup cause more harm than good. Reach out to AdvantaClean of West Columbia; we can help you return your property to pre-fire condition.