Flood Water Damage Cleanup Concerns

Flooding, burst pipes, leaks, and appliance breaks contribute to the hundreds of water damage cleanup concerns our AdvantaClean team is called to restore throughout Chapin and surrounding communities every year. Your home is your biggest priority, and we go above and beyond to show you that we share that sentiment regarding water removal and protecting exposed flooring before removal and replacement are necessary.

Standing Water Cleanup

Much like you would put out a fire before you treated the smoke smell it makes, water damage cleanup for Chapin homes and businesses always begins with the most pressing issues. With water disasters, any standing water poses the most immediate risk to your house, family, and contents. Not to mention, seeing several inches of standing water is a considerable stress for you. We prioritize means of eliminating this surface water concern with:

  • Extractors

  • Pumps

  • Vacuums

Cleaning the Carpeting

Carpets are a traditional installation for floors in your home, making this a situation our team stays prepared to face. Several types of threats exist when a carpeted floor begins to absorb moisture. Cleaning the carpet is sometimes possible after much of the drying completes, but only if we think the material is worth preserving. Phases of carpet cleanup include:

  • Water Removal

Removing water means more than just the effort to extract surface water standing on the flooring in certain spots of your house. We also must use tools like light wands and specialty extractors to draw our moisture from the carpet to drain. 

  • Carpet Cleaning

While you can rent carpet cleaning equipment from local vendors, the kind of cleaning and restoration we can provide far exceeds this small rentable unit. A clean and dry carpet is less likely to allow mold, contaminants, and odors to grow.

  • Rug Removal

It is only sometimes possible to avoid removing wet carpets, especially if the exposure has lasted long enough to result in mold and mildew damage. Depending on the needed replacement materials, replacing instead of working to dry out heavily saturated carpeting can be faster.

Wood Flooring Water Damage

Do you have wood floors in your home? The process for removing water from these might be different than other popular materials installed in area residences. Wood floors are a classic look for the household but can begin to absorb moisture quickly and create a scenario where drying is more challenging than with other flooring types. AdvantaClean will use several approaches when cleaning and protecting wet wood:

  • Wands 

Any lingering surface water can get absorbed into wood plank flooring and begin to distort its appearance. Surface equipment like wands corral water and extract it to avoid penetration through the seams of your home’s flooring. 

  • Drying Mats 

We can pull moisture to the surface through planks before they warp and distort. Placing these drying mats over wood flooring can be the step that prevents tear-out and replacement. 

  • Thermography

Did you know that we can see beyond surfaces to regulate moisture control based on the temperature difference in materials? Infrared imagery allows us to find damp pockets in materials like wood flooring to show where further drying effort is needed.

AdvantaClean of West Columbia understands how important it is to clear and clean water from the floors of your house after a disaster. We have powerful extraction tools and cleaning products to make short work of standing water and potentially damaging trapped moisture. Call us today at (803) 597-2022.

Replacing Damaged Flooring 

Just knowing how to remove water from compromised floors in your house after leaks and flooding is not enough. Often you will face the need to remove some or all of an affected flooring type, and our professionals can also help in this scenario. Our roster of qualified contractors helps see your project into the next phase with a seamless transition from drying to reconstruction and material replacement.