After Experiencing Fire Damage, Hire Expert Restoration in Lexington

AdvantaClean - 24/7 Fire Damage Restoration Help for Lexington Properties

Housefires and commercial blazes can bring varying levels of damage, smoke residues, charring, and water from first responders putting out the flames. Lexington property owners of all kinds need a prompt response from a trusted fire damage restoration team whenever an emergency arises. AdvantaClean of West Columbia is here 24/7 to ensure you have the results and professional service you deserve during a stressful time. With all our techniques, skilled technicians, and industrial-grade equipment, we can scale our services to meet your restoration project's specific needs. When faced with fire damage, call our offices, and we can start readying a crew for arrival within hours.

Fire Does Not Always Mean Everything is Lost

With smoke and fire damage restoration, our Lexington crew understands best practices for restoration and preservation. AdvantaClean of West Columbia works to salvage as much as possible with prompt action and proven methods, meaning we can save personal belongings in house fires or precious inventory in a commercial blaze.

Our IICRC-trained and certified technicians understand the basics of fire damage restoration and smoke remediation. Knowing what occurs during an active blaze is imperative to address fire clean-up appropriately. We know elements of fire, including:

  • Hot burning fires put out less smoke than a cooler burning fire, which smolders
  • A kitchen grease fire on a stovetop creates oily residues that stick on surfaces and smear to the touch
  • During a fast-burning fire that involves wood or paper products, a powdery soot residue gets left behind

With any of the above-mentioned situations, AdvantaClean technicians know how to select the proper process to safely and efficiently handle residues to get the best results.


Will smoke odors go away after fire damage restoration?

After a fire within your Lexington home or business, there are several necessary steps to follow. Our technicians follow the basic principles of fire clean-up and remediation. As the fire is underway, smoke particles and residue travel through hot air currents, often traveling throughout your HVAC ductwork and into other zones not directly impacted by heat or flames.

AdvantaClean of West Columbia inspects the impact zone and determines the type of fire, how long it burned, and the materials affected. These assessment steps help us select the right solutions to eliminate odors without leaving any lingering particles behind.

  • All charred building materials and unsalvageable contents get safely cleaned up and disposed of.
  • Visible surface residues get cleaned with dry wiping, brushing, vacuuming, or wet methods and EPA-registered cleaning agents.
  • In some situations, malodors are treated with powerful ozone molecules, which neutralize and break down the odors for easier eradication.

We Have All the Necessary Smoke Remediation Equipment and Products

AdvantaClean brings all the best technology to fire damage restoration projects to ensure you have permanent removal of malodors. The selection includes:

  • Ozone hydroxyl generators
  • Air scrubbers featuring HEPA filters
  • Thermal fogging equipment
  • Odor counteractant granules, pellets, or beads
  • Vapor treatments using Chlorine Dioxide

Professional Reconstruction After Fire Damage

You want to walk into your home or business and have it feel normal again. AdvantaClean of West Columbia handles structural restoration and ensures all finishing touches get completed, so everything is just like pre-loss condition. We make the process easy for all property owners, focusing on your needs to help lessen burdens and stress caused by a fire damage incident. We are always happy to assist if you have questions about the process or submitting your insurance claim.

Call (803) 597-2022 to discuss your needs, and we can send out a team to handle water removals and fire damage clean-up. AdvantaClean of West Columbia is your trusted partner when you want flawless restoration services, and we can assist with projects of any magnitude.