AdvantaClean: Trusted for Black Mold Removal in Cayce Homes

Black Mold Removal is a Phone Call Away

Like any mold growth in your home, black mold is alarming and stressful. Mold alone can be a challenge to remove, but it often points to an underlying moisture issue that must also get resolved. The experience and knowledge of our AdvantaClean team help us manage both the black mold removal your home needs and any repairs and build-back services required to get your home looking like it should after the disaster. When do you need professional removal services, though?

Experts suggest mold infestation greater than ten square feet should signal the need for professional black mold removal in your Cayce home. Many in the Greater Columbia area rely on AdvantaClean for our expertise, professionalism, and fast response. However, because black mold spreads rapidly in a structure, we must first learn the extent of the impacted materials.

AdvantaClean is Ready to Help 

Remediation services are not one-size-fits-all. Every project is custom and tailored to the specific property involved and the degree of infestation encountered. We are upfront and honest about the work that must occur and find it vital for you to understand each layer of remediation and mold removal to avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the project. Appreciating your need for professional mold remediation services begins with understanding the scope of the work performed to remove black mold discovered in your house:

  • Containing the Work Area – Containment is vital to protecting your home and family. Establishing physical barriers and negative air pressure that prevents the movement of spores to areas where they have not caused issues.

  • Discarding Unsalvageable Materials – We determine right away when materials are non-salvageable. This assessment saves you time on the work done and money on avoiding impossible remediation work. We carefully handle contaminated materials and discard them safely.

  • Vacuuming Contaminated Surfaces – Using a HEPA vacuum, we can clear loose debris and spores near the surface of contaminated materials. These vacuums pull in particulates and exhaust cleaner air.

  • Wipe Down Cleaning – surface cleaning is the preferred remediation method for cleaning up black mold. Using sporicidal products, we can destroy surface spores and newly developing growth. These cleaning agents double as inhibitors, so you can worry less about re-infestations.

  • Aggressive Mold Remediation – surface cleaning is not always practical if the organism has become deeply rooted in the hosting material. In these situations, we can attempt more aggressive remediation like sanding and media blasting, though our team could also remove infested elements if necessary.

  • Deodorization – our professionals use concentrated neutralizing agents to overcome smoke smells throughout your property. We know that noxious odors make comfortable living impossible, so we will resolve them.

AdvantaClean Completes the Job

Our AdvantaClean team does not leave jobs half-done. Proper black mold removal and remediation services involve the installation of ventilation and structural repairs to ensure that moisture threats do not return. Because we have a contracting license, we can begin this work in your home right after the removal takes place. Our focus is to get you back to everyday life as soon as possible and reduce the stress on your family through this difficult time. Having a comprehensive service from start to finish, you are spending less, and the work takes less time.

AdvantaClean of West Columbia understands the importance of rapid mold management. Colonies spread continuously until remediation begins, so removal efforts must be swift and thorough. When you need our services, call us at (803) 769-7983.