A Professional Water Mitigation Company in West Columbia

AdvantaClean is a Water Mitigation Company Available 24/7 in West Columbia


Water infiltrating your property is tricky, be it a business or residence. Another factor that further complicates any water emergency is that they occur in many ways, and no properties are exactly alike. Whether you have burst pipes, a sewage backup, or your roof leaks from storm damage, calling in a water mitigation company is the best route. Waiting to begin water removal or drying could lead to costly damage throughout your West Columbia property. AdvantaClean of West Columbia is available in the area 24/7, including holidays and weekends, to address all your mitigation and cleanup needs.


Addressing Each Project with a Tailored Approach


One of the many benefits of hiring a professional water mitigation company in West Columbia is that you have a personalized plan of action to handle the damage. Whether you had issues with a recent storm or interior flooding from your plumbing or appliances, AdvantaClean is there within hours to start water removal and drying. With our mitigation services, you can limit property destruction and return to your daily life faster.


What About Leaking or Burst Pipes?


Broken or burst pipes can occur anytime within a home or business. A lot of plumbing is hidden from sight, so you could even have a leak you are unaware of until damage presents itself. If you notice musty odors, staining, or wet building materials, these are indicators of water damage development. As a professional water mitigation company, we can tell you some of the signs of a piping leak:


  • Water pooling in your laundry room, around a water tank, or under your kitchen or bathroom sinks.
  • Unexplained spikes in your water bill.
  • Noises that come from your piping, like whistling or bubbling.
  • Discoloration or odors are coming from your water.
  • Changes in the water pressure.


Part of the mitigation process involves our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians inspecting your interior to locate the source of the problem. We work to fix the issue before beginning remediation efforts to prevent further damage. Wherever we find damaged and unsalvageable building materials, they get removed and carefully disposed of. Once we are done with all cleanup and drying efforts, the materials get replaced and finished off to make it like new again.


How is the drying handled?


Other facets of water mitigation include proper drying and dehumidification efforts to ensure your home or business is returned to pre-loss condition. Our AdvantaClean of West Columbia follows proven methods and uses top-of-the-line equipment on each project, including:


  • Water Removal Tools – We have powerful water extractors, truck-mounted and portable models. These tools allow the crew to handle all standing water and pull residual moisture from carpeting and underneath the flooring.
  • Drying Equipment – Our team has access to industrial-grade fans, centrifugal air movers, drying mats, and other tools to reduce drying times and enhance evaporation.
  • Dehumidification – We use professional-grade dehumidifiers to help bring down relative humidity throughout the space to keep moisture from causing further damage.


Availability Matters in All Mitigation Situations


To get results and restore your property, you need a water mitigation company in the West Columbia area that can respond quickly. AdvantaClean of West Columbia provides immediate comprehensive help to ensure you get professional results without worry about secondary damage or mold growth. When you call us at (803) 597-2022, you can count on having a team arrive at your door within hours to begin the mitigation process.


At AdvantaClean of West Columbia, we understand the frustration in dealing with a water-related incident in your home or business. We do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction with the help of our friendly, knowledgeable water damage restoration technicians. Let us help devise a customized plan to fit your needs so you can get back to enjoying life as usual.