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Case Studies

Prevent Pipes from Freezing
How to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing in winter.
Location: Tri-State
AdvantaClean shows to keep your pipes from freezing in cold weather.

Mold Remediation and Flooding
Basement flooding cleanup project.
Location: City, State
Problem: AdvantaClean was called to perform a free inspection. A water damage problem was experienced on the basement. Microbial growth started to develop on the ceiling and walls. An independent Mold Assessment company performed an inspection and collected samples, analyzed lab results, and developed a detailed scope of work. Solution: Our crew began with the work, following the scope of work provided by the mold assessment company, we began building plastic containment to isolate affected areas from the rest of the house. We HEPA Vacuum interior of walls and ceiling and wiped down with an anti-microbial solution all cavities. Our crew also encapsulated all remaining materials with an anti-microbial paint to protect remaining material from advanced microbial growth.

Save the Wine
Mold Remediation
Location: City, State
Faulty air conditioning unit and ground water leak from a neighbors lot resulted in gross contamination of this clients wine cellar. We were able to remediate the mold and save the WINE!

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Location: Tulsa, OK 73116

Problem: Lifetime Fitness is a highly occupied gym. They offer a lot of commodities from workout equipment to swimming pools to showers. To keep up with cleanliness, they wash/dry/fold their complimentary towels. Due to their services, they have 6 dryer vents that overhaul the entire process. We clean these annually to prevent access blockage from lent buildup. In addition to this service, we also clean the entire mechanical room from lent that has escape the vent catch as well as dust that has collected overtime, thus preventing any fire hazards.

Solution: Our first step was to empty the vent catches and clean out the inside of the vent itself by HEPA Vacuuming and hand wiping with anti-microbial solution. Our second step was to repeat this process for the passages that allowed fresh air from outside the building in, also to improve heat transfer from inside the room out.
Our Third step was to HEPA Vacuum the entirety of the room from Ceiling, to the walls, as well as the equipment and floors. This process took the longest because of the attention to detail needed on the equipment itself. After this process was finished, we concluded the job by fogging the entire area with Decon30 anti-microbial solution. 

Before and after dryer vent cleaning After dryer vents cleaning

Attic Remediation

Location: Choctaw, OK 73116

Problem: The customer had informed us of mold stains he found in the attic of their house. Wife also has health issues, so remediation of the attic would not only help their overall air quality of the house but also would help with their HVAC system.

Solution: This was our first attic remediation we have done as a team, in which this job required a lot of problem solving and diligence. The attic space we were remediating consisted of over 20,000 cubic feet of affected area.

The first problem we had to solve was containment. Considering our main access was through the garage, we built a decon chamber (floor to ceiling) and then created a negative air access through a second false ceiling, giving us access to the attic. We then contained all gable vents and soffit vents to the attic. Once we achieved negative air, we all put on our PPE, along with full face masks along with our suit and gloves. We HEPA Vacuumed the entire attic space using extension poles to reach the vacuum all the way to the top.

Once we finished our first round of HEPA Vacuuming, we covered all air ducts that would be exposed to the MMR that we would be using as stain remover. Once we covered every duct, we applied MMR to the attic space where the mold stains were present. This took more chemical than we had planned on, which made taught us the importance of efficient sprayers as well as efficient use.

We were excited and pleased with the job MMR did on the stains, along with the second round of HEPA Vacuuming to finish the job. After 48hrs of the air scrubber purifying the air, we removed all containment and equipment from the job. 

Before and after cleaning mold in attic

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Location: Watonga, OK 73116

Problem: The customer brought to our attention a specific smell within the house, and sickness within the family. They had also mentioned a leak in their bathroom, that had been ignored for over a year. Once we investigated the crawlspace, we found multiple spots of mold tracing along the drain pipe. From the source of the issue, we noticed decay in their flooring as well.

Solution: Starting the project, we contained all four accesses to the crawlspace, leaving the main access and only access we could fit in as a fresh air intake. We performed the remediation through HEPA vacuuming and hand wiping using OxyPrep and OxyPar, removing what stains we found. We encapsulated all affected areas with Fosters 4020. In the final steps, we HEPA Vacuumed once again as well as removing all spider webs and debris within the crawlspace. 


Water Extraction and Mold Removal

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Problem: We responded to a water line bust at a residence in OKC. Cause of accident was due to a water pressure sensor bust under the kitchen sink causing water to travel across the entire kitchen, game room and a small corner portion of the living room.

Solution: We began (after the authorization form signature) by extracting as much water as possible. This was tougher due to the flooring being tile, which transfered a large portion of that water into the walls and subflooring once it could find access. We finished that process by performing a Containing the Area and doing a dry out. When we concluded that, we realized the flooring was not salvageable along with the cabinetry. Next, we performed a pack out of the entire game room and kitchen moving it all to a storage just outside the neighborhood. We then removed the cabinets in the kitchen that were affected and also warped from taking on all the water for the duration that it did. We then performed flood cuts on both interior walls of the kitchen which revealed mold that had seemed to be there much longer than just from the waterline break. so we continued to cut past the mold until we reached regulatory standards beyond the mold to provide a safe environment for the family. We concluded the project by removing the containments we had set throughout the entire house, and fogged the entire house with Benefect Decon 30. 


AdvantaClean Mold Remediation

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Problem: We took on the job after another company was unable to finish the work required to rid the house of mold. From the little information the owner could tell us, there was a leak somewhere just above the ground that caused water to run across the bathroom, releasing mold spores and also contaminating much of the carpet in the master bedroom/ closet/ bathroom

Solution: The hardest part was to locate the affected areas. However, after air sampling we were able to pinpoint the master bath as the #1 concern for the house. The customer seemed concerned about other potential affected areas. We removed the carpet that may have possibly been affected throughout the house. We also used our HEPAvac throughout the entire house including floor to ceiling. We continued the sanitation process and used benefect to wipe down the interior areas of the house. After testing the second time, we moved forward with demolition of the master bath by wiping down and removing all contents from the affected area. We took out all the interior walls of the master bathroom and also took out the vanity, toilet, and bathtub. The largest portions of mold were found behind the vanity and drywall of the bathroom, including old insulation that had clearly been housing within. 

Floor damaged due to water leak Mold growth due to water leak Damage to pipes and surrounding areas due to water leak Damage to plumbing pipes due to mold growth Mold spores on wood Damage to the wooden closet due to mold growth Mold on bathroom pipes Dirty mold on pipes Mold removal in house Home Mold Remediation Mold Remediation in home

Mold Removal in Local Residence

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Problem: The water loss originated from a pipe sealant bust just above the ceiling in the guest bedroom. The water traveled across the ceiling, ultimately affecting 7 areas. (four bedrooms, one side room, one living room, and a hallway) The water did not only run across ceilings, but traveled down multiple walls and across a major zone of hardwood flooring.

Solution: Following the customer signing the authorization form, we began with extracting the water from the floor the best we could with our wet extractor. All the while removing baseboards, allowing access for air flow through the affected walls. Once the water was removed, we set up containment closing off the other half of the house, which is the main open living area of the house. We set up cyclical air movement through all bedrooms and down the hall along with dehumidifiers to dry up as much materials as possible. We also set up a drying tent for the ceiling using zipper poles evenly across the room, and used flat duct connected to the exhaust of the dehumidifier to continually push hot air into the ceiling. After that, we concluded the drying process three days later. We continued with reviewing which walls and ceiling areas needed to be taken out and cleaned for bacteria and mold. We also concluded that the flooring could not be properly restored to previous conditions (due to how long the water sat on the floor before the incident was found). Once the remediation began, we wanted to save as many characteristics of the house, such as cabinetry. We remediated walls posterior to important characteristics and cleaned from the other side. We also completely took down an entire wall due to the amount of water trailed through along with the specific type of wallpaper that trapped a great deal of moisture within that we could successfully dry. Once we got to the ceiling, we discovered much larger colonies of mold that had been trapped through a double ceiling. With this information, we removed both ceiling from three affected rooms ultimately finding the end of the mold. Another problem we found above the ceiling, we discovered the mixture of old insulation packed underneath newer and lighter insulation. We believe with this mix of insulation (also not being up to code) trapped more unnecessary moisture and bacteria. From there, we remediated all insulation within the affected area. More mold was also found and remediated from the side bedroom closet. We concluded the project by doing a complete HEPA VAC of the residence along with a bio wash of all the affected areas. 

Mold removal on affected area After mold removal Mold removal in residence Mold Removal in home

Mold Remediation After a Water Supply Line Leak

Location: Moore, OK 73116

Problem: There was a supply line leak in the laundry room from the washer that the residence had apparently left over time before realizing the water damage had caused obvious mold growth on the carpet itself, thus a much greater potential of being airborne and more harmful.

Solution: First step- Laundry Room

We set up containment on both doorways, one leading to the garage and one leading to the kitchen. Removed the doors, containment from the inside and set the air scrubber connected to the garage thus pushing clean air into the garage. before completely closing up that side of containment, we put all the affected contents (clothes left in the laundry room) in a bag for sanitization. Once both sides of containment was completely closed, we removed the three walls adjacent to the living room 2 feet up and found mold attached to the studs at the very bottom of the base. We remediated that mold through OxyPrep and OxyPar. Finished by HEPAvacing the entire floor walls and washing machine and dryer, along with cleaning leftover dry wall and content removal left underneath the stairwell. This area was a closed off space with zero access, so removing anything left under there from previous construction was just a bonus for the job. We concluded that area by wiping everything with benefect and leaving the job under natural air for 48hrs.

Day Two, we started by setting containment for the living room space in which was a more open and difficult space to contain. First containment was the stairwell which was a lot of fun trying to contain well (followed in the inside of the wall and down the handrail to the floor. The containment to the kitchen posed a much greater difficulty. From there we moved as much contents out that we could and began remediating the drywall adjacent to the laundry room which was the entire wall from the kitchen to the end of the stairwell. Once removed and the studs treated, we pulled up all carpet and pad and tac strips and cleaned the floors with benefect as well. Zero signs of mold left on the floor once the carpet and pad was removed. From there we HEPAvac all contents that we set back in the room and sprayed benefect as well. This was definitely a positive outcome considering the couch ended up cleaner than when we found it. To Complete, we left the room under natural air for 48hrs.

Mold removal in living area Setting containment on stairs Setting containment in kitchen Mold Remediation after a water pipe leak

Water Damage Clean Up After A Roof Leak

Location: Edmond, Oklahoma 73116

Problem: Customer had an unnoticed and existing roof leak prior to calling AdvantaClean services. Water had migrated through the ceiling onto the carpet below allowing mold growth.

Solution: Started with containment and negative air. We then persisted to the removal of both layers of ceiling sheetrock, including the grid in between. All sheetrock held a substantial amount of mold. From there we proceeded to remove the carpet and pad following. To end our remediation we removed all debris in bags and then treated and wiped with antimicrobial. 

Water damage cleaning Cleaning water leakage Roof water leakage

Poor Bathroom Ventilation Causes Mold Growth

Location: Norman, Oklahoma 73116

Problem: Bathroom had no ventilation system. Walls around shower were building up moisture over the past few years causing mold growth.

Solution: We started with containment of the bathroom door. We utilized the negative air by opening the bathroom window and sealing it off and attaching duct hose to an air scrubber that was placed outside. We remediated shower walls and ceiling and found a substantial amount of mold on the outside shower wall. we remediated the entire shower including the shower pan and extracted residual water left underneath the pan. We also cut sheetrock 2ft up and 3ft out from the affected area. We concluded by treating the entire exposed wall with OxePrep and OxyPar and removed the debris. We left the air scrubber under neutral air for 48hrs. 

Mold growth in bathroom Mold growth on bathroom walls due to no ventilation system

Water Damage Clean Up After A Drain Clog

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73116

Problem: Customer called and reported a flooding in the bathroom due to a drain clog. It was an emergency call that happened after normal operating hours.

Solution: We began by making sure the customers were not in the affected area. We began by extracting all water from the floor and also extracted their rug to the best of our abilities before setting up air movers and dehumidifiers for the drying process. We proceeded the following days monitoring the moisture levels and we set up a containment before remediating the bathroom walls due to long standing moisture. We also removed the vanity that was previously affected from a flooding before and had mold damage. We left the air movers and dehus for a duration of time while continuing to monitor the drying process. 

Cleaning up water damage Water damage clean up