Anticipation Helps Avoid the Worst of Flood Damage 

Extreme weather forecasts are now common everywhere, and the outlook for the area northeast of Atlanta is no exception. Because of the possibility of flood damage, Johns Creek property owners are naturally on alert. Whether you worry about spring and summer thunderstorms training across the state, tornado activity like that experienced in 2019, or costly and disruptive impacts when tropical storms or hurricanes sweep in from the Gulf of Mexico or Florida, it is hard not to be in a state of dread as a property owner hearing of severe weather forecasts. Take heart. Homeowners can and should devise ways to avoid or minimize situations where torrential precipitation becomes a flooding scenario,

How Does Water Intrude During and After Storms?

Depending on the design of your home, flooding in Johns Creek might happen because of water on the ground flowing into something as evident as open or poorly sealed garden-level windows or walkout doors below the grade of the rest of your house. Dwellings with basements often experience seepage from saturated ground next to the foundation. The pressure from the super-soaked earth pushes water through cracks and other weak spots. Fierce winds knock down utility poles and trees, creating situations where flying debris can rip apart siding, break windows and doors, or tear up roofs, opening spaces to direct flooding from rain, sleet, and ice. Overburdened municipal sanitary systems force wastewater back into Johns Creek homes through sewer lines. Sump systems that divert foundation-level water into a catch basin for pumping outside will instead flood your home if the pump is damaged or its power source is inoperable, allowing the water to build up rather than exit.

Can a Basement Be Flood-Proofed?

Although it might seem inevitable that your property will suffer substantial flood damage, a significant proportion of storm-related flooding is avoidable with proper safeguards. Installation of supplementary drainage and diligent maintenance of existing water diversion systems prevent flooding by ensuring stormwater flows away from the interior of your home. Here are tips that can help from the experts at AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford:

  • Inspect and make roof and flashing repairs regularly, revisiting the building materials after storm activity and before leaks take over.

  • Clean out gutters and rehang or replace damaged components.

  • Confirm that downspouts are attached firmly to gutter troughs and add extensions to the spout mouths, guiding water many feet from your foundation.

  • Measure the degree of sloping away from your home to ensure water does not form a backwash that could seep through and flood your lower levels. 

  • Use a high-quality caulk to seal your basement or crawlspace, removing dried and cracked applications from previous years first.

  • Consider dropping perforated piping, known as a French drain or tile, in the ground surrounding your home, diverting the water collected away from your home.

  • Install a sump pump in your basement to extract water collected around the perimeter and in the sump basin to the outside, providing reliable operation with a backup battery.

  • Allow several feet of space between landscaping plants and your foundation to avoid roots from cracking the foundation and greenery from holding water too near your home.

  • Protect your lowest level from sewer backups with a backwater valve, preventing human and animal waste and chemicals from mixing with other flood waters and entering your house.   

AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford is ready with trained technicians and appropriate tools to help Johns Creek customers who suffer from storm-related flood damage. If flooding occurs, call (470) 819-2070 immediately.

Following common sense recommendations from AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford before storms can limit flood damage significantly. Our crews respond promptly with flooding recovery interventions if needed in individual circumstances. 

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