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Moisture Management and Buford Mold Remediation

When surface stains, musty odors, and other signs of rapidly expanding microbial overgrowth overwhelm you, hiring a reputable Buford mold remediation company for infestation removal can resolve the current problem with fungal growth and damage. Unfortunately, if your chosen contractor confines their services to removal and disposal only, another invasion of destructive organisms will likely occur. With an evaluation of your property for any lingering and unresolved water damage or excessive humidity, plus a plan to resolve these issues, mold remediation is more sustainable. Expect repeated bouts with mildew and mold until you put moisture management procedures in place. AdvantaClean can help with both removal of mold and the prevention of new problems through moisture resolution.

Is Mold Growth Related to Poor Housekeeping?

Realizing your home or business in Buford needs mold remediation can be embarrassing. If your busy life sometimes interferes with routine cleaning, be reassured that the result will be clutter and dust, not necessarily fungal growth. Understand that mold grows and threatens the destruction of building materials and causes potential human health effects only under the following conditions:

● Spores are present in the space, typical in nearly all home and commercial interiors, although you might not notice the tiny particles.

● The spores encounter and absorb water on or near an organic surface that provides a food source.

● 24 to 48 hours pass for the water-fueled spores to begin reproducing and eventually consuming the organic materials upon which the growing colony spreads.

Can a Property Have Hidden Mold?

Aside from water-engorged spores and an organic source of additional nutrition, all a fungus needs to grow is oxygen, not light. The organisms consist of hyphae, rootlike structures that can embed deeply into porous building materials, sometimes without observable evidence aside from a musty smell. Often AdvantaClean finds growth and damage in building cavities behind walls, over ceilings, and under floors. Although staining and crumbling of infested building structures are common, it takes time to manifest. Our professionals are experienced in tracing the migration of water damage and the mold growth that can follow even in enclosed spaces. 

The Mold Remediation Process

AdvantaClean crews follow their Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols when planning and implementing remediation of your property’s microbial growth and damage. Expect our team to don personal protective equipment (PPE) and ready supplies and machinery before:


● Determining the location and spread of the colonies, usually relying on customer observations (sight and smell) as a starting point, although testing can be arranged if necessary

● Containing the affected space with heavy-duty polyethylene wrapping and negative pressure air scrubbing equipment that uses HEPA filters before exhausting to the outside

● Mechanical removal and bagging of the colonies and destroyed building materials with brushes and scrapers on solid surfaces--controlled blasting techniques using soda and dry ice can sometimes remove and incapacitate hyphae in porous components

● Vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment and wipe down with EPA-registered cleaners to remove all residues

● Disposal of the debris and residues following local hazardous waste rules

● Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to cleaned surfaces to inhibit mold rebound

● Addressing the moisture problems, including excessive humidity, that causes the mold to grow

A full-service restoration company like AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford is an excellent choice for home and business owners struggling with mold issues. Not only can we safely remove current growth and damaged materials, but we also can advise, mitigate, and remediate the moisture problems underlying repeated infestations.

Count on AdvantaClean of Norcross and Buford for mold remediation and recommendations for moisture control to help avoid repeat infestations. Call (470) 819-2070 to schedule a consultation to manage mold and moisture risks on your property.

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