Why Water Leaks Are Costly for Your Business

A water leak can happen to any commercial building. You might experience a pipe break that causes obvious and immediate damage, or you might only notice the leak in a spike in your monthly water bill. Small leaks and large leaks can both be costly if you are not prepared for them.

1. Small Leaks Add Up Over Time

Small leaks often have sources that are hard to identify, especially if the only evidence you have is an exorbitant water bill. If the source is not found quickly, the costs may continue to climb, and mold may have time to grow near the water leak.

This is why it is important to bring in a professional plumber to find the source of the leak as soon as possible. Dealing with the leak in a timely manner will prevent a small leak from becoming a large headache for your business.

2. Large Leaks Cause Extensive Water Damage

A large leak can damage floors, ceilings, and walls. Look for any signs of discoloration or bulging. When a pipe bursts, the wall in front of it may need to be torn down and eventually replaced. A good commercial property insurance plan should help you with expenses from those repairs, but you must respond to the situation promptly and appropriately in order to qualify for coverage.

If you experience a large leak in Minneapolis, MN, it is a good idea to contact a disaster restoration company that can provide specialized cleanup services in the aftermath of a water leak. A team of professionals will be able to assess the damage and remove all traces of water so that mold is not able to grow. In addition, hiring a professional will allow you to restore damaged documents and equipment that you might not have been able to save otherwise.
Above all, it is important to be proactive in dealing with any water leak.