As a homeowner, the thought of a fire starting in your house would cause nightmares. While you certainly hope to never have to deal with such an ordeal, you should be prepared to act just in case. For example, the repair and restoration process to smoke damage and other effects can be extensive. Fortunately, your home can once again be liveable, and you can salvage many of your belongings. 

1. Assessing the Smoke Damage and Other Issues

Even small and moderate-sized fires can cause widespread damage. As soon as possible after the fire, call a certified professional fire restoration company. Professionals have the tools and experience to know what methods will be most effective in restoring your home. The technicians will begin by evaluating how much damage occurred to the home. This assessment will include the cost and time frame of the repairs. 

2. Board and Tarp

To protect your Minneapolis, MN, home from further damage and any vandalism, the technicians will board up windows and doors. The company will also tarp the roof if there has been damage to that area. 

3. Water Removal and Cleaning

Smoke cleaning is vital after a fire, but the technicians must first get rid of any water in the house. Firefighters will use a lot of water to put out the flames. This can result in flooding issues and other damage. After removing the water, the technicians will thoroughly dry the area to prevent mold buildup. 

4. Soot Cleanup

Soot damage can be severe. It will affect all surfaces as well as electronics, documents, and furniture. The technicians will clean these spots and then deeply sanitize the home. 

5. Rebuild

When necessary, the technicians will rebuild the home. This includes installing new drywall and flooring as well as roofing materials. These efforts will restore your home to what it looked like before the fire. 
Fires can destroy building materials and personal belongings. The smoke damage from a fire can also ruin items. The good news is that qualified technicians have a thorough process to restore your property. 

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