Many buildings in the Commercial market show signs of smoke damage when they have minor fires. Smoke is toxic to humans and causes health problems such as coughing, difficulty breathing, respiratory irritations, and more. Smoke-exposed materials are also susceptible to insects and pests, which cause more damage than the initial fire itself! Here is what you should know about smoke damage in commercial buildings: 

Health Dangers with Smoke Damage

Smoke from the fire contains many chemicals, including carbon monoxide and cyanide. The release of carbon monoxide (CO) is the result of incomplete combustion, which burns any fuel but not completely. This is caused by too high a temperature or lack of oxygen. On the other hand, cyanide is a toxin that, when inhaled, prevents hemoglobin in your blood from carrying oxygen to your tissues.


You may not be aware that these particles are present in smoke because they are volatile and evaporate quickly. However, if you're exposed to high levels over a long period of time, nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide build up in your body and cause serious health problems, including:

  • Dizziness

  • Confusion

  • Weakness

  • Fatigue or exhaustion

  • Loss of consciousness

Property Damages After Smoke

If the smoke was caused by an indoor fire, there is often water damage that comes along with the firefighting efforts. The smoke may have come from a fire, but it could also be from smoldering firewood in the attic or other parts of the building. Even if there is no visible fire in your home, the smoke still creates health hazards and damage to your building.


Smoke on walls and ceilings makes it difficult to see where there is damage, so you may not know what needs to be repaired. This leads to costly repairs later on, especially if you own a large home with multiple levels that need to be fixed. If you suspect smoke damage, contact a professional restoration team like AdvantaClean! We are able to find any smoke damage you may miss.

Different Types of Smoke

Most people know that smoke damage is caused by fire, but many people don’t know that the type of fire changes the type of smoke. Smoke and other debris left by fire behave differently depending on the material that is burned. Here are some common types of smoke and how they originate:

Wet Smoke

This type of smoke originates from low-heat fumes that typically come from the burning of plastic or rubber. It often emits a burnt-plastic smell. The smoke is characterized as thick and black, wreaking havoc on your property. Wet smoke causes the metal to rust and corrode if left untreated. It’s greasy and frustrating to clean, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals at AdvantaClean if you experience these damages. 

Protein Smoke 

This kind of smoke rises from the burning of organic matter. It often occurs in kitchen fires. Protein smoke leaves no stains or smears on walls, which makes it almost invisible. The only signs this kind of smoke leaves is paint discoloration and a strong smell.

Fuel Smoke 

Fuel smoke comes from burning petroleum, oil, or any other fuel. This smoke is usually found in garages or warehouses, so it’s not likely found in commercial business properties. This smoke is highly potent and destroys fabric. It’s typically thick and sticky, which makes it nearly impossible to clean by yourself. 

Dry Smoke 

This is the most common type of fire on commercial properties. Dry smoke is started from paper or dry wood. The residue left by the smoke is powdery. It is much easier to clean than the other types of smoke damage. The downfall of the powdery residue is that it is able to fit into the smallest cracks. Because of the thin smoke, electrical wiring is often damaged from dry smoke. Dry smoke also compromises the structure of the building if left untreated for years.


Smoke is a serious threat to your health as well as your building. The different types of smoke vary in danger and clean-up, but all are expensive to fix. If your business has suffered fire damage, call your local AdvantaClean team immediately. The longer you wait, the more serious the situation becomes. AdvantaClean of Minneapolis is trained to help you after smoke and fire damage in your commercial building! 

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