If the running water in your building's sink starts to collect due to a clogged drain, your first instinct might be to grab a bottle of drain cleaner to clear the blockage. However, these cleaners feature harsh chemicals that can damage pipes, especially if the drain is entirely blocked leading the chemicals to sit stagnant in pipes. Here are three alternatives to using these harmful cleaners.

1. Try Manually Clearing the Clogged Drain

Sometimes clearing a backed-up drain just involves a little elbow grease. Try to remove the clog with either a plunger or auger, also known as a snake. These plumbing tools can push out the blockage in most cases without causing long-term damage to pipes.

2. Invest in a Biological Cleaning Solution

While most commercial drain cleaners feature a cocktail of different chemicals, more environmentally-friendly options are available to tackle the job. A biological cleaning solution typically consists of live enzymes which will eat away at the material forming the clog and cause it to disintegrate over a few hours.

3. Call For Help

Chemical cleaners should only be used as a last resort given that they can deteriorate both metal and plastic pipes which can lead to bigger issues. Before you opt to pour these liquids down your drain, try calling for professional help. Water damage mitigation experts can handle any potential flooding caused by water backup and are best equipped to deal with sewage cleaning in serious cases. Let a professional crew take the lead if you are unable to relieve the drain from its blockage.

When a clogged drain impacts your Minneapolis, MN, business, don't make matters worse with a chemical-packed cleaner that can ruin pipes. Instead, find a solution that is less abrasive yet equally effective. You can use plumbing tools to manually clear the blockage, pour an eco-friendly biological cleaner in the drain or call for professional help to assist.

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