Damages from flood losses have increased to an average of $10 billion per year. When a flood hits your business or home, you are likely looking at not only water damage but also mold growth. This adds to the cost and time of the project. There are some things to know about flooding and mold growth to make it easier to navigate a flood in your home or business. Floods alone can be devastating and expensive, mold doesn’t take long to grow, and you need to call the professionals quickly.

Flood Damage is Devastating and Expensive

Flooding can be caused by many things, including natural disasters like hurricanes or tropical storms. It also happens when there is an overflow of water from a river or lake into an area where it wasn’t meant to flow. Water damage is often caused by floods but also by other factors like sewage backup or improperly installed septic systems.

Water damage is dangerous because it can weaken the structure of your building while facilitating the perfect environment for mold and bacteria to grow. Water can get into small, hidden places within your home or business without you even realizing it. The longer the water sits, the more problems it causes.

Mold Doesn’t Take Long to Grow

Mold growth can begin within 24 hours of exposure to water. Mold damage is often difficult to repair and can cost a homeowner hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Mold growth may be difficult to detect because it hides in dark areas such as behind walls or under floors; however, there are some signs you should look out for: 

  • black fuzzy spots on walls, ceilings, and belongings

  • discoloration of carpeting due to trapped moisture inside the fibers

  • water stains on ceilings 

  • a musty odor in your home or business

  • allergy or asthma flare-ups

Act Quickly

Flooding that goes untreated for more than a few days can lead to mold growth. Mold growth begins within 24 hours of exposure to water. If you live in an area that has experienced flooding, it's important to dry out your home as soon as possible.

Flooding doesn't necessarily have to be caused by heavy rain—even a small amount of standing water can lead to mold growth if left untreated for long periods of time. Any surface with moisture on it will also be susceptible: walls, ceilings, and floors are all at risk when there's even the tiniest bit of moisture trapped in them. Just think about how much moisture is trapped behind shower doors.

When it comes to mold damage, the faster you can remove the moisture from your home, the better. Mold grows in dark, humid areas, so if there's water damage in your home now, it's important that you act quickly. If you think there may be mold growing somewhere in or around your house, take action immediately.

Call AdvantaClean for Professional Mold Remediation

Call AdvantaClean of Southwest Minneapolis if you have a mold problem; it will require professional remediation. We are professionals who are trained to remove mold from your home and restore it to its original condition. You should contact your insurance company to see if they will help cover the cost of removal or remediation.

If you're not sure whether you have any issues with mold in your home or business, don't hesitate to call the experts at AdvantaClean. We have been helping homeowners like yourself for years and we're ready whenever you need us.

Floods can be devastating and expensive, and mold doesn’t take long to grow in the right environment. You need to call the professionals quickly if you have flooding in your home or business. With damages from flood losses increasing, try to minimize the damage in your home and call AdvantaClean of Southwest Minneapolis as soon as you notice water in your building.

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