How AdvantaClean Helps Insurance Adjusters and Clients

If you are an insurance adjuster, new claims come across your desk every day, and you have to figure out the best way to handle them. It is helpful to work with companies and individuals who are detail-oriented and can provide accurate, timely information.

AdvantaClean is a cleanup and restoration company in Minneapolis, that offers a range of services designed to serve insurance adjusters and the companies they work with. Here are some of the main benefits AdvantaClean provides.

1. Prompt and Thorough Communication With the Insurance Adjuster

When working with people on a claim, you may get frustrated if the information is hazy or if communication is inconsistent. Local professionals from AdvantaClean are dedicated to providing quick response times and sorting out details with vendors. Good communication helps everyone in the claims process.

2. National Accounts Personnel Ready To Help

At AdvantaClean headquarters, team members are ready to help adjusters and insurance companies. The guidelines for National Accounts promote methodical communication between employees and insurance companies. Employees must keep records of all restoration work that is done, and this helps adjusters handle claims issues promptly.

3. Detailed Claims Inventory Provides Transparency

AdvantaClean has an electronic inventory system that provides details about every item being restored. Photos are also logged in the system. This helps the customer, as well as the insurance company and adjuster, keep track of all the details of the claim.

4. Superior Training Promotes Fast Claims

Restoration professionals are trained with IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate) standards. A high degree of professionalism contributes to a faster restoration process, which can lower the total amount of time that the insurance claim is open.

Ultimately, what insurance companies and adjusters need is professionalism and open communication. By adhering to rigorous standards and offering detail-oriented service, AdvantaClean is able to help adjusters and their clients.