4 Common Water Damage Mistakes

Cleaning up a broken pipe is messy. Water seeps into the materials, saturating deep into carpeting and drywall. Instincts may kick in as you realize you need to dry up the sogginess; however, not all tactics prove beneficial. It's essential to notify professional water remediation specialists in Minneapolis, MN, when water damage occurs. While you wait for the crew, avoid these five common water damage mistakes.

1. Don't Use Your Appliances

Plugs are dangerous, and moisture can get into your plugs and walls. You may find water in home appliances such as your television, oven, or dishwasher. Don't turn one on. In addition, skip the vacuum and ceiling fans. These are electrical hazards. If possible, shut the electricity off at the main switch.

2. Take Out Prints and Fabrics

The broken pipe sprayed water over the walls, dampening objects within the path. Evaluate curtains, rugs, books, and pictures. Remove anything saturated from the room. As the wetness lingers, colors could run into the floor or walls.

3. Don't Use Common Household Cleaners on Flooding

Water can draw microbes into the room. You may want to clean with bleach while you wait. However, common cleaners do not penetrate most of the materials. They are surface cleaners. Skip the personal attempts and call in water restoration experts in Minneapolis, MN, who have specialized equipment to scrub and sanitize the space.

4. Don't Wait To Seek Help

Water seems innocent, but it isn't. Lingering wetness leads to secondary conditions such as mold, mildew, and rot. The longer the dampness sits unattended, the more problems homeowners face long-term. More trouble equates to higher repair bills. Seek intervention early to mitigate the issues and cost.

If you have water damage from a broken pipe, pick up the phone and call in specialists. Request immediate assistance. In the meantime, fight the urge to dry the room up on your own. Avoid using electrical equipment and appliances and skip the home cleaning products.