Storm Damage Restoration for Marietta Properties

Rely on AdvantaClean of Marietta for Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage in Marietta can be devastating, leaving residences and commercial buildings at risk of losing structural component integrity and ruining fixtures and contents. Do-it-yourself efforts are stressful and usually take far too long, compounding the storm damage. Safe and effective storm aftermath clean-up requires specialized skills, equipment, and products. Customers rely on AdvantaClean of Marietta for storm damage because they earn and maintain certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the international industry standard development organization since 1972. Research-based training and cutting-edge equipment support our assessment of flooding safety concerns and damage of any extent or intensity, establishing us as qualified to resolve all aspects of flood and storm damage rapidly.   

Storm Damage Recovery Is Very Challenging for Marietta Property Owners

Due to torrential precipitation in Marietta, flooding involves severely contaminated water threatening to infiltrate homes and businesses from the outside or back up from sewers inside. Exacerbating the overland floodwater risks are the residue-laden fluids flowing through the property interiors after high winds rip off roofs and blow debris through exteriors, breaking down building materials. This toxic mix exposes your family or other occupants to potential health risks from a wide range of hazards:

Infectious human pathogens

Animal waste

Dirt, soil, sand, and industrial waste

Road and landscaping products

Commercial and household chemicals

Uncontained lead, asbestos, and other biohazards from crumbled structures 

What Protocol Does AdvantaClean Follow When Evaluating Marietta Storm Damage? 

Although Marietta property owners are understandably anxious to schedule immediate emergency services, storm water-damaged structures must undergo a rigorous safety hazard assessment before AdvantaClean technicians commence mitigation and restoration interventions. Our seasoned project managers perform individualized safety hazard assessments for every affected property. The goals during storm damage assessment are multiple:

Locating Hazards 

Trapped water threatening collapse of building materials

Slip, trip, and fall dangers

Electric shock potential 

Contaminated fluids and other harmful substances

Weakened structures that could fail to support people, contents, and restoration equipment during restoration 

Controlling Identified Hazards

Boarding and tarping up of exterior damage

Containment or dangerous areas and contaminated floodwater

Erecting temporary structural supports

Executing partial demolition to release trapped floodwater

Staging barriers

Posting signage

Evacuating occupants

Considering pack-out of contents 

Determining the Extent and Intensity of Storm and Flooding Damage

● Detecting and metering for moisture and hidden water caches with sensitive probes, instruments, and thermal imaging to establish the affected structural components and define the work area

Scaling AdvantaClean’s equipment inventories and crews for efficacious water removal and structural drying

Planning for secure pack-out of contents to dry areas on-site or production facilities and pack-backs after the premises are in pre-loss condition

Designing floodwater pumping, extraction, and drying configurations   

Outlining cleaning and disinfection agendas for soiled areas

Arranging for repairs and rebuilding of both storm damage and controlled demolition

What Should You Expect During AdvantaClean’s Storm and Flood Damage Active Restoration Phases? 

After the preliminary securing, safety assessment, and planning are complete, AdvantaClean crews get to work. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is the standard uniform for our technicians, preventing the tracking of residues into unaffected spaces of your home. Containment of workspaces with flood baffles, heavy-duty plastic, and negative pressure air scrubbing technology prevents the drift of water and airborne residues, also reducing the potential for lingering odor issues. Moving contents out or consolidating them helps streamline the process, permitting technicians to move throughout the storm-damaged spaces.

Why Are Liquid Extraction and Surface Cleaning Fundamental to Flood Damage Mitigation and Remediation? 

Best practices support aggressive water removal with trash and regular pumps followed by truck-mounted and portable extractors before structural drying. Extraction is 1,200 times more effective than drying alone, its speed ensuring that secondary damage such as mold infestation cannot take hold. Cleaning of soiled surfaces is critical as flood residues can cause progressive building materials deterioration and imperil health. AdvantaClean uses EPA-registered cleaning and disinfection products and IICRC-approved techniques to rid your property of dirt and debris. Highly-qualified and well-equipped crews from AdvantaClean of Marietta await your call to (404) 474-8443 after a storm damages your home or business properties.

Is There a Science to Structural Drying? 

Psychrometry is the science of drying, and AdvantaClean and our workers are proficient in its application. We use carefully considered drying configurations of dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters to accelerate the evaporation of absorbed fluids. Continuous testing of material moisture levels and ambient humidity helps inform our drying plan. AdvantaClean communicates clearly about the process, including how long the equipment needs to run and if we need to adjust as conditions change. Our professional assessment and emergency services swiftly restore devastated properties to their previous condition, returning a clean, sanitized, and dry home or commercial building to you as quickly as possible.

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