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AdvantaClean of Marietta Provides the Professional Mold Inspection That Property Owners Rely On

If you suspect that your Marietta home or commercial building harbors mold damage. Yes, AdvantaClean of Marietta can provide mold inspection services for your residential or commercial property. If your concerns are valid, planning for the rapid removal of active colonies is an urgent priority. Matters become complicated because removal can be difficult, requiring mechanical removal, not just broadcast spraying of antimicrobials. The organisms often hide from view; the only overt signal of their presence is an elusive musty smell. How can you respond effectively to the threat while the fungi multiply in building cavities or inaccessible spaces like attics and crawl spaces? Fortunately, AdvantaClean of Marietta offers some solutions.

Are High Humidity Levels Conducive to Mold Damage in Marietta?

Unfortunately, yes, residential and commercial property owners in Marietta struggle with rising humidity levels, and unresolved water damage create conditions conducive to mold growth. You can feel a sense of shame if your premises suffers from a growing invasion of the many different species of fungi that plague our region. Reassess the blame, as the microbes do not seek out inattentive housekeeping, only a moisture source and an organic surface upon which to spread. Both residential and business properties are full of building materials that offer nourishment to spores germinated by even small amounts of water, including wood in all forms, drywall; insulation; wall, window, floor coverings, and more.

Can Mold Damage Be Permanently Eliminated in Marietta?

Despite the boasting of some contractors, permanently clearing a business or home of mold is an impossibility. The reason behind this grim and perhaps surprising fact is simple -- at this moment, nearly every interior space in Marietta is overrun with the spores that can germinate into wide-ranging and damaging colonies. Only "clean rooms" in some laboratory or medical settings are free from the potential of a devastating outbreak, and those pristine conditions are difficult and expensive to create and maintain.

How Does AdvantaClean Deliver Successful Fungal Remediation Outcomes? 

Accepting the reality that spores co-exist with occupants of Marietta buildings does not mean we also accede to the inevitability of structural damage due to unrestrained microbial spread. AdvantaClean instead looks to the research that supports a specialized created step-by-step mold inspection procedure that delivers positive and sustainable remediation results. The standard in the US developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is its guide to "Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings." The EPA notes that the process works just as well in other types of buildings. The Agency also connects the problem to persistently damp conditions, also traceable to elevated humidity or unmitigated and un-remediated water damage.

Why Is AdvantaClean a Leader in Marietta Mold Damage Recovery?

AdvantaClean is an excellent leader in Marietta mold damage restoration. Property owners that are seeking residential as well as commercial mold remediation. Our undeniable expertise in water damage mitigation and restoration adds the professional perspective and capability needed to attack the underlying causes of Marietta mildew and other microbial growth and damage issues. We are careful to term our services as an EPA protocol-based overall remediation response that includes at its core two interrelated goals:

Effective fungal colony removal from all affected surfaces and spaces

Long-term moisture management to prevent future opportunities for spore germination

What Steps Do AdvantaClean Technicians Follow During Mold Remediation?

A professional mold inspection of spaces with suspected outbreaks is the first task, guided initially by property owners' observations. If needed, AdvantaClean can conduct testing, especially where the possible infestations are widespread in building cavities but not always readily apparent to casual viewing. It is usually unnecessary to determine the precise species of the fungi involved as the following phases comprise the EPA remediation protocol regardless of whether the damaging growth is the oft-mentioned black variety or a different type or combination of species. Once we establish the perimeters of the damage, our trained and certified mold remediation crew proceeds as follows:

  1. All technicians and managers don personal protective equipment (PPE).
  2. Technicians institute containment measures to secure the affected areas, including: Wrapping and sealing spaces with heavy-duty polypropylene, Creating contained staging areas to store equipment and permit technicians to avoid tracking any moldy debris into other areas of your property, Employing negative pressure air scrubbing technology to ensure the seal of the contained workspaces and to force airborne contaminants through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters before venting to the outside 
  3. Mechanical mold removal strategies loosen and disengage the mold organisms from surfaces, including: Brushing, Scraping, and Scrubbing
  4. Technicians double-bag the removed organisms, debris, and residues for lawful disposal under local regulation of hazardous waste
  5. Crews complete the cleanup using spray and wipe techniques with EPA-registered products and HEPA-filtered vacuums
  6. Application of EPA-registered antimicrobials to cleaned surfaces inhibits future outbreaks

Note: Essential to sustainable remediation is eliminating leaks, drying wet structures, and reducing humidity levels. AdvantaClean is ready to assist with all these issues. 

What Options Exist for Porous Materials?

Although it might be most efficient and economical to use controlled demolition to remove drywall and other porous building materials, AdvantaClean will consider whatever options are available for blasting techniques for some porous structures. Soda, dry ice, and corn cobs deliver a gentle but often successful option to remove the offending growth while also inhibiting the regeneration of deeply embedded hyphae (the hair-like "roots" of fungi).

Reliable mold inspections resulting in current mold removal and remediations are within your grasp with the help of AdvantaClean of Marietta. Call (404) 474-8443 to schedule an evaluation.

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