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Flood & Water Damage Mitigation - Your Local Experts
Offering 24/7 Emergency Response Services for Water Damage
Location: Loch Lomund, Manassas VA

Water is a beautiful thing...unless it’s flowing through the interior rooms of your home or business. Then it’s a nightmare. 


The truth is that any room can experience a flood for any number of reasons: 

  • A Burst pipe 
  • An appliance leak 
  • Toilet, sink or bathtub overflow 
  • Loose washing machine hose 
  • Severe weather events 

Whatever the cause, the results can be catastrophic. Ruined furniture, destroyed carpeting, drywall damage, and - worst of all - mold growth. That’s why, when you have a flood, you need to call AdvantaClean right away. 


AdvantaClean’s 24/7 emergency response water damage mitigation team will get right to work, pumping out any standing water, removing soggy carpet, and completely drying out the affected area as quickly as possible. We will work with your insurance company to help streamline the process, and even offer repairs if needed. This will allow you to get back to normal without the clammy atmosphere, musty smell and potential mold growth that would be left behind otherwise. 

Radon Testing in Port Potomac
Home Sale in Port Potomac Dependent on Radon Test
Location: Port Potomac, Woodbridge 22191

Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas found in the soil that is fairly common in Northern Virginia. Odorless, colorless and tasteless, the gas rises from the ground and can become concentrated in your home or business. Radon gas is highly toxic, negatively affecting respiratory health and in higher concentrations can equal the dangers caused by having 200 x-rays in a single year.


AdvantaClean's NRPP certified team conducts radon testing and mitigation for homes and businesses throughout Northern Virginia, and  recently conducted a radon test at a Port Potomac home under contract to be sold by a military family moving out of the area. High levels of radon gas are often found in multiple homes within a neighborhood, and this neighborhood in Prince William County certainly had several high readings.


If our testing indicated radon above the EPA-designated safe level, the seller would have to pay to have it remediated and successfully retested before the sale of their home could be closed. Fortunately, the radon test showed levels within acceptable limits which allowed the home sale to proceed.

Kitchen Sink Leak Sparks Mold Infestation
An unnoticed leak causes havoc with mold growth under a kitchen sink in Lorton
Location: Lorton, VA 22513

Pipes leak sometimes, and the two most common places we see problems are in bathrooms and kitchens - particularly under a sink. In Lorton we were called in to help a homeowner who found that her sink had been leaking for quite a while, but she hadn't realized it. In the dark, warm and now damp space in the cabinet, mold was thriving. 

Most of the time when mold penetrates a porous surface and is truly infested, the only thing to do is remove it. The reason you call a professional mold remediation company instead of your handyman is that we can do the removal in a safe area. Once you disturb mold spores they become airborne, and without a proper containment barrier you risk spreading your problem to the rest of the home. 

AdvantaClean remediated the mold by removing the sink and cabinet safely, disposing of the contaminated materials, and then using our process of HEPA vacuuming the surfaces, wiping with our antimicrobial solution, and repeating that several times to be as thorough as possible. We also were able to work with one of our contractors to do the repairs, leaving the kitchen better than it had been!

Moisture in Crawlspace Leads to Mold
Puddling in crawlspace causes mold growth and odors
Location: Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Most people tend to avoid going into their crawlspaces, particularly in light of the fact that they are often dark and unpleasant. Unfortunately, not knowing the condition of the crawlspace is an issue when it comes to letting water, mold, and critters and crawlers enter the space and intrude in your living area. This home near the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg was prone to flooding in the crawlspace, a situation that allowed unchecked mold growth, compromised insulation, and a distinct odor.

AdvantaClean was called in to address the mold remediation and encapsulate the crawl space against further moisture issues. After remediation we installed a vapor barrier to trap the moisture rising from the soil beneath the plastic, sealing it up the walls. Once the barrier was installed we added foam board insulation and a dehumidifier to improve air quality and efficiency of the home from the ground up!

Dangerously High Radon Exposure in Bealeton
Radon gas levels measured at twice the EPA safe standard dangerous to family's health
Location: Bealeton, VA 22712

When we are called to run a radon test to detect the levels of exposure in a home to this odorless, colorless, tasteless gas, we are looking for the level to be below the EPA safety standard of 4.0 pCi/L. The results from a test we ran for a customer in Bealeton showed a level of 8.0 pCi/L, twice the safe standard. According to the EPA, exposure to that level of radon is equal to 16 cigarettes each day, or 400 x-rays per year. Clearly the occupants were facing a hazard to their respiratory health.

To keep the family safe, we installed a sub-slab depressurization system and hid the pipe in a closet. This provided a way for the radon gas to be taken up from the crawlspace and vented safely into the air above the home, where it continues to rise into the atmosphere.

Mold Growth in Unfinished Basement
Dark and humid unfinished basement starts mold growth
Location: Stafford, VA 22554

This Stafford customer rarely visited her unfinished basement, and when she went to pull some luggage out she noticed mold growing. This is not uncommon in unfinished basements since the space is typically unconditioned and in our Northern Virginia humidity, the dark and moist environment is ideal for mold growth.

Fortunately, she called AdvantaClean in for a free mold inspection and we found the mold growth encompassed both the floor joists and sub-floor. We were able to schedule her quickly, protecting the rest of the home from cross contamination by erecting a containment barrier, and ran air scrubbers for a few days to remove any airborne mold spores. When we finished, her basement was clean and her stored items safe again!

Flooding Basement Mystery
Unknown source of water repeatedly caused puddles in basement
Location: Manassas, VA 20136

Having your basement flood can be very frustrating, particularly when the source of water is unknown. Water that repeatedly intrudes can create long term water damage in your home, creating a breeding ground for mold and structural damage. For this Manassas homeowner, the source of the water was a mystery. Fortunately, he called AdvantaClean!

Guided by visual observation and a moisture meter we found the likely area for the source of the moisture coming from the corner of the basement. We opened up the wall, removed the insulation and found a small puddle of water. We dried the puddle, removed some wall studs and base plate and poured water on the foundation from outside. After 20 minutes the puddle formed again only this time we could see where it was coming from. We sealed up the cracks in the foundation and the customer hasn't experienced difficulties again!

High Radon Level in New Home
New homeowners test for radon gas, find high levels
Location: Manassas, VA 20110

Many areas in Northern Virginia have elevated concentrations of radon gas in the soil, as was the case in this Manassas home. The buyers were concerned and based on the advice of their home inspector, requested we do radon testing for them - the results were 4.9, just above the EPA safe standard of 4.0. While not the most dangerous reading we have seen, it was enough to warrant a radon mitigation system. Our AdvantaClean team was happy to install one, bringing those levels down to a safer range!

Radon Levels Above EPA Safe Standard
Radon gas mitigation system installed per buyer's request during home sale
Location: Fredericksburg, VA 22408

A customer of ours in Fredericksburg was selling their home but the buyer was concerned about radon levels and did a home-test to see what the level was. The EPA sets a standard level of concern at 4.0 pCi/L, which is the equivalent exposure of 200 chest x-rays per year. The level in this home came back above that standard, posing a hazard to respiratory health.

Since the basement was going to be refinished anyway, AdvantaClean was able to come in and place the radon system (fan and piping) in such a way as to minimize the impact on the room. The buyer was satisfied and the sale proceeded without further delay!

Radon Mitigation System in Finished Basement
Purposeful placement of radon mitigation system in home with finished basement
Location: Triangle, VA 22172

Protecting your family's health is important, particularly from the colorless, odorless and tasteless radon gas, but where to have the system installed can be tricky to work out. It needs to be installed effectively but it would be a shame to ruin your home aesthetics. Fortunately, our team has a lot of experience with that!

For the interior part of the system in this home we serviced in Triangle, VA, we were able to place the pipe discretely in the corner of their finished basement, and ran the pipe on the exterior up along the gutter to be discrete there as well. A beautiful home safe from dangerous levels of radon gas!