AdvantaClean Helps with Storm Damage Cleanup

Homes do not typically get built to be flood-proof, so when strong storm systems invade the region, you must stay on alert. From damage to the roof that leads to water runoff pouring into your house to rising creeks and streams that find their way into your Kershaw home’s basement or crawlspace, storm damage cleanup can mean many different restoration approaches. We begin with assessing your house and what can get done to prevent greater harm as recovery follows.

Structural Damage Concerns 

There are many considerations for storm damage cleanup of your Kershaw home, beginning with how sound the structure stands after the exposure. With the force that flooding can breach your house, or the ferocity of strong storm systems your home must face, structural damages are an inevitability. Assessing and temporarily correcting these concerns keeps more water from getting into your home while restoration professionals consider needed repairs, drying, and cleaning needs.

The Fears of Flooding

One of the most alarming sights as a homeowner is seeing your property under several inches or even feet of standing water. Flooding is among the most destructive elements of severe weather systems impacting the region. Pooling of contaminated black water requires swift action to remove so that the affected area does not continue to grow. AdvantaClean has solutions for several of the threats of intruding floodwater in your house, such as: 

  • Standing Water 

Inches of standing water can hide many hazards from bacteria to live animals and safety concerns. We understand the urgency in cleaning up this initial damage, requiring extractors capable of managing small debris. 

  • Contaminants

Contaminants and biohazards can make you or someone you care about sick. Caution is the best exercise for your house, leaning on the knowledge that much of the directly exposed structural elements cannot get saved. Flooding is considered the same as a sewage backup in the threat of contamination and pathogenic presence.  

Like pathogens and disease-causing microorganisms, microbial threats are another concern with floodwater intrusion. Your home is an ideal breeding ground for active mold spores, so when conditions exist to facilitate colonies, antimicrobial and sporicidal products must get used to prevent this.

Debris, silt, mud, and other substances can all be brought into your house with rising, intruding water. Then you look at all the exposed materials and contents covered in this sludge and wonder how your home might ever look and feel clean again. Muck-out storm damage cleaning uses hand tools like shovels to remove the bulk of this buildup, finished by equipment like wet vacuums. 

Repairs Your Kershaw Home Might Need 

While we prioritize all actions to avoid tear-out and replacement of materials in your home, exposure to contaminants makes this the smartest choice. You would not want to allow potential threats to your family and pets, so we remove these hurdles to healthy living conditions and have the contractors available to help with replacement and reconstruction. Often, flooring and drywall installations in your house are most likely to require demolition and reinstallation to overcome contaminants. 

Storm damage cleanup compromises several highly trained and certified experts of our AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster team. From cleaning up standing water on the flooring to managing threats like contaminants and mold, you are only a phone call away from our leading equipment, products, and industry knowledge. You can reach us at our main office at 9 Dudley Rd Unit B, Roebuck, SC 29376, or by calling us at (803) 597-2022

Crawl Space Encapsulation Averts Storm Damage Cleanup

While you might consider all your options for avoiding further storm damage in your home’s lifetime, one of the specialties of our AdvantaClean team is crawl space encapsulation. This service helps to limit water intrusion underneath your home, where it can stay trapped, resulting in structural deterioration, mold development, harsh smells, and insect infestations. Our experts cover exposed surfaces with plastic sheeting and divert water away from this space to prevent flood damage.