Don’t Wait to Call for Reidville Basement Flood Cleanup

Let AdvantaClean Tackle Basement Flood Cleanup

Flooding in the basement is one of the more stressful experiences any Reidville homeowner will face. However, the problems are only starting from the moment water rises. Water infiltrates appliances, floods out your furnace, and impacts any personal items you have stored. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster is the team you want in your corner whenever you have basement flooding that needs to get addressed quickly.

Some homeowners begin the task of water removal on their own. Others call for professional basement flood cleanup in Reidville as soon as possible. Mold is another issue at the top of the list that can arise when you have a water or moisture problem in your basement. However, other issues are lurking behind drywall and other tight spaces, just waiting to wreak havoc. Some of the risks of a basement flood may include the following:

  • Pathogens

  • Bacteria

  • Sewage

  • Chemicals

  • Spores

No matter what may have caused the flood, proper extraction, drying, and cleaning becomes imperative. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster is here to minimize and eliminate damage to your belongings, yet health and safety remain our number one goal with any project.

Why is Basement Water Dangerous?

You may think a small amount of water on the basement floor is not a big issue. However, aside from unsightly water pooling, there are several reasons to have minor to significant basement flooding handled by professionals:

  • Seepage – If you have a concrete basement floor, it might be able to resist some moisture and pressure that comes with standing water. However, concrete’s porous nature means the liquid seeps in and eventually begins to weaken the material.

  • Damage – Along with floor seepage, you also have to worry about moisture and water exposure to anything stored in the basement. Even if items are not touching the water, moisture in the air can begin damaging many materials over time. Unless dried accordingly, these items could become badly affected.

  • Mildew and Mold – Such a problem is arguably the best reason to hire professional basement flood cleanup. The colonization of mold moves quickly in dark, moist basements when left unchecked. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster has skilled technicians and safety protocols to handle all mold and mildew appropriately.

Common Reasons for Basement Flood Cleanup

If you notice water in your Reidville basement but are unsure where it is coming from, it must get identified quickly to begin proper repair and water removal services. Some of the leading causes of basement flooding our team see include the following:

  • Ground Seepage – Such an issue occurs when the water table becomes high enough to seep into the basement. It might be best to consult professionals about sealing your basement walls and floors to halt seepage.

  • Flooding – Water can overflow into the basement when you have significant storms with heavy rainfall. Our IICRC-certified technicians arrive with trash pumps and powerful extractors for water removal services. 

  • Broken Pipes – Whether you have a slow leak or a burst pipe, this issue must be handled quickly. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster helps you locate and fix the problem before any further damage occurs. 

You could soak up the water with more minor spills or a washing machine incident using a wet/dry vacuum or towels. However, if there is too much water or you are unsure how to proceed, calling in professionals for water extraction and drying is the best and safest action plan. AdvantaClean of Spartanburg-Lancaster is located on N. Main Street in Lancaster and is available 24 hours a day for reliable, expert water damage repair and basement flood cleanup. Call (803) 597-2022 to mobilize a team to your property.