Of all of the areas in your home, the crawl space probably gets the least attention. You know it’s there, and you probably know where the access point is, but you never look down there and it’s easy enough to assume that nothing is going on. Unfortunately, that can be a mistaken assumption, as it’s possible for a problem to build up in your crawl space over time that can wind up impacting the health of the home as a whole.

This post will review the dangers of ignoring your crawl space and what you can do to stay ahead of the game. Specifically, addressing crawl space moisture problems before they become a bigger issue is a smart choice for any homeowner, and AdvantaClean is the ideal partner for such a project.

Multiple Risks Exist in Your Crawl Space

The first and foremost risk that can be found in your crawl space wouldn’t immediately be noticeable if you took a peek down there with a flashlight. Since the crawl space is often dug into the ground, the potential for moisture to build up in this area is significant. And, if moisture builds up in a dark area like a crawl space, mold is almost sure to follow. That mold could affect the structure of your home and lead to costly, time-consuming repairs.

Also, given the hidden and possibly damp nature of the crawl space, little critters might like to make their way inside and seek a home or something to eat. While those critters may not do the long-term damage that mold can impose, you still don’t want them in there.

The Easy Answer

Fortunately, crawl space encapsulation offers a convenient way to solve all of these potential issues. When you have your crawl space encapsulated with the help of the team at AdvantaClean, the area will be carefully cleaned before all vents and openings are sealed and the vapor barrier is installed. This layer is exactly as it sounds – it’s a physical barrier between the inside of the crawlspace and the outside world. Nothing will get in or out, meaning your crawl space will remain just like it is for many years to come.

In some cases, it will be recommended to add a dehumidifier to the space to keep the moisture down within the encapsulation. That determination is made on a case-by-case basis depending on the specifics of the home in question. It’s important to work with a trusted name like AdvantaClean on this type of project to make sure the finished product is exactly what is needed to keep your home in excellent condition.

There are several Greensboro crawl space companies available to work on encapsulation projects, but there is only one AdvantaClean. Our combination of knowledge, experience, and equipment takes us to the top of the list, and we are confident you’ll appreciate what we can do to protect your crawl space and keep moisture and mold at bay. Take a moment to get in touch today and let’s get started!


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