While spring is the season most often associated with rain, autumn brings its own issues that can lead to water damage. As fall approaches, it's time to safeguard your property against potential issues. AdvantaClean encourages homeowners to follow these useful tips to keep your home dry despite whatever the season brings. With a bit of preparation, you can help stop damage before it starts. Don't wait for the leaves to fall - take steps now to reduce your risk of water damage this fall.

These are some helpful water damage prevention tips to keep in mind:

Gutters and Leaves

Autumn leaves often turn into a mess of clogged downspouts and gutters. If heavy rainfall occurs, debris and wet leaves can start to plug up the downspouts. This can turn into issues such as:

  • Water pouring into your soffits
  • Moisture invading your basement or crawlspace
  • Rainwater penetrating siding
  • Water damage to your wall cavities and more

If any of the above issues occur, you might experience mold growth or indoor water issues.

Roof Inspections

With lower temperatures and high winds, you have an increased risk of tree-inflicted damage to your home’s roof. Constantly evaluate your roof’s condition, addressing any dips and missing or loosened shingles. If you start to see stains developing on your ceilings, it can be a telltale sign of possible water damage.

French Drains

If your property has a French drain installed to reroute water from the home, you should always ensure it is clear and working correctly. Whenever rainfall is heavy, it can start to slow and overwhelm the drain, plugging it up. Be sure to clear out debris periodically to avoid this issue.

Sprinkler Systems

While the colder temperatures of winter may not be here yet, fall is the perfect time to prep your irrigation system before the digits drop. Always look at your manufacturer’s suggestions to winterize your sprinklers or call in professionals to perform winterization for you. If you hold off on this process, you could encounter a rupture due to freezing temps that allow water damage to impact your foundation, basement, or crawlspace.

Disconnect the Garden Hose

Your home’s outdoor hose bib can be prone to damage from the elements when the temperatures drop if you leave the garden hose connected. Be sure to disconnect the hose and put an insulated cover in place to protect the hose bib from freezing when the temperatures dip down.

AdvantaClean is Available for All Your Residential Water Damage Needs

Should you encounter interior water damage, storm damage, or flooding due to fall storms and other weather events, the AdvantaClean team is always ready to mobilize. We have the water cleanup techniques and skilled technicians to help you return your property to pre-damage condition.

  • We provide 24/7 emergency service
  • Our team is thoroughly committed to excellence and customer service
  • All trucks are packed with the latest equipment, tools, and products
  • Every project is unique, so we tailor services to achieve the best results

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Contact AdvantaClean if you require assistance with residential water damage this fall. We are just a phone call away and remain your trusted team to help you maintain a clean home or business.

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