Professional Air Duct Cleaning by AdvantaClean

Like many homeowners, you might only think about the condition of your air ducts in the HVAC system once issues arise. As simple as the process might seem, duct cleaning has intricacies and requires special equipment that most do not have. Proper cleaning also requires a significant understanding of the heating and cooling system. As a result, DIY cleaning is rarely recommended when you could save time, money, and headaches by looking to professionals like our AdvantaClean team.

Quick tips about air duct cleaning:

  • Only certified National Air Duct Cleaner Association (NADCA) specialists should clean your HVAC system and its ductwork. Improper cleaning could result in permanent damage to your system and its components. 
  • Try to hire technicians from ensured service providers, like AdvantaClean.  
  • Ensure registers and vents are covered when cleaning the ducts to prevent dust and contaminants from blowing through the house.

The Damage Duct Cleaning Can Do

Did you know that air ducts can be several different materials? Choosing the wrong cleaning method for the type of ductwork you have could cause irreparable harm to this system. Unfortunately, DIY cleaning rarely accounts for the nuances of selecting the right strategy for the installed duct composition.

Making a Mess of Your Residence 

Many who have attempted DIY duct cleaning have spent hours cleaning their home because they could not correctly seal over vents, registers, and returns where dislodged debris and dust could escape. Professional cleaning properly disposes of contaminants, dander, dust, and particulates.

The Potential to Increase Poor Air Quality

As ironic as it might sound, DIY duct cleaning could make your home's air quality worse than before you started. The entire process is intricate and involves carefully keeping the created plume of dust contained. Furthermore, attempting to clean the system independently or relying on inexperienced technicians may result in incomplete tasks and the presence of defective components within filtration systems.

Signs of an IAQ Problem

While some allow their duct systems to go years beyond needing cleaning, the signs are often there if you look for them. It is unwise to ignore a situation that increasingly worsens, especially when it is impacting the well-being of your family or your finances. Here is what to look for:

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality – Often, an initial sign of a compromised air duct system is the increased presence of dust, allergens becoming a more prominent factor, or an increase in respiratory distress.  
  • Diminished Air Flow – Dirty air ducts can contribute to weak airflow. The buildup of debris and dust stalls the movement of conditioned air. 
  • Higher Energy Costs – Compromised duct systems tend to force the unit to work harder to achieve the desired temperatures, which translates to higher energy costs.

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You should immediately evaluate the cleanliness of your HVAC system if you recognize these signs. AdvantaClean provides honest assessments and professional cleaning to give you peace of mind with every breath you take.