What to Expect with Commercial Mold Removal

Mold poses health risks and can damage commercial spaces, especially in humid climates. If mold takes hold in your business, a removal plan is crucial. AdvantaClean provides complete mold remediation services. Our experts assess the issue, design a customized plan, safely remove all visible mold, and implement preventative measures against regrowth. With our end-to-end services, AdvantaClean protects your business and employees from the hazards of mold to keep your commercial space safer and healthier.

Removing mold damage from your business often includes many stages:

  • Evaluating the building for mold issues
  • Implementing containment measures in affected areas
  • Removing and protecting any preservable contents and inventory
  • Eliminating surface mold with powerful cleaning agents
  • Deep cleaning with abrasives and blasting for more concentrated mold
  • Creating a stable environment to avoid recurrences

Understanding Commercial Mold Remediation

  • Inspection  

The first step in removing mold damage from your business is identifying the source of the growth. This trigger could be a leaky roof, poor ventilation, or even something as simple as a spill that wasn’t cleaned up properly. Our inspection also determines the scope of infestation across all affected areas. We catalog impacted inventory and assess any losses. This thorough assessment ensures we understand the full extent of damage before tailoring a removal plan. Identifying the mold source and inspection scope lays the groundwork for effective, targeted remediation.

  • Containment

When remediating mold, containing its spread is paramount. One highly effective approach is using plastic sheeting to isolate the affected area and create negative air pressure. These efforts hinder the mold spores from scattering and contaminating other areas in the building. This method serves as a crucial step in containing mold growth and preserving the safety of the building's occupants.

  • Removing Active Mold 

After we contain the mold threat, the next step is the removal process. This critical phase eradicates the active mold. To complete this stage, we use cleaning agents and physical removal methods to eradicate mold and infested materials. We apply cleaning agents to the affected areas, which dissolve the mold. For more extensive infestations, we physically remove moldy materials and dispose of them properly.

  • Protecting Your Building's Future 

After our experienced experts remove active mold growth, we try to help you prevent it from returning. This effort could involve enhancing the ventilation system, fixing leaks or water damage, and employing dehumidifiers to maintain optimal humidity levels. Regular inspections and cleaning can also help prevent mold growth from becoming a problem again in the future.

How AdvantaClean Can Help

When tackling mold growth in commercial areas, it is necessary to seek the expertise of a professional mold remediation team like AdvantaClean. Specialized companies like ours are equipped with the required training and tools. Our experienced and well-trained technicians can safely and efficiently remove mold while taking preventative measures to ensure it does not return.

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Inspections of commercial properties and timely mold damage removal are critical to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. By detecting and addressing mold growth early on, businesses can prevent health problems, safeguard their employees and customers, and avoid costly repairs in the future. Collaborating with a professional mold remediation company can ensure the job gets done correctly the first time and active and relevant steps get taken to prevent mold growth from returning. AdvantaClean is the team you need, and you can reach us 24/7 by calling (877) 800-2382.