If you're currently experiencing rodent problems in your crawl space, it is crucial to address them promptly. Not only are rodents a nuisance to deal with, but they also cause significant damage to your residence. Rodents are known for creating holes in the plastic, insulation, and walls of this opening beneath your house. These holes can compromise the vapor barrier in place to protect your home from any moisture coming from outside. If the vapor barrier is damaged, it can lead to potential mold growth, which can cause a whole new set of problems.

Crawl space encapsulation is essential to rid this small opening beneath the main level of its pest problems and moisture issues. AdvantaClean professionals understand how important a dry crawl space is, so we work to extract any standing water, promote structural and environmental drying, and then cover the walls with thick plastic sheeting to keep them safe from the elements and deter rodent inhabitants. Without the moisture issues, the space becomes less attractive to bugs, mice, or rats.

Steps to Keep Mice, Rats, and Reptiles Out of Your Crawl Space

Unfortunately, a wet crawl space can be very attractive to rodents. The damp area provides an ideal breeding ground for mice and rats, and they can quickly infest your home if left unchecked. It's essential to address any moisture issues in your crawl space as soon as possible to prevent rodent infestations. A routine inspection of this area could signal developing problems before they get out of control. Solutions may involve installing a vapor barrier, repairing leaks or drainage issues, and ensuring proper ventilation. Taking these steps can help keep your home safe and rodent-free. If rodents gnaw and chew through electrical wiring and cables, the expense to repair can be daunting. Electrical hazards compound the damage.

There are additional steps to consider in making the space less desirable to unwanted pests:

  • Avoid using your crawl space to store any food items. Not only does this accelerate spoiling when the conditions are damp, but it could also be desirable to rodents looking for easy food access.


  • Consider lighting your crawl space. An illuminated area can deter many bugs and undesirable pests.


  • Use sealing techniques and encapsulation to remedy any moisture and dampness concerns. AdvantaClean specialists have rapid drying solutions to eliminate wetness that could attract nesting creatures.


  • Seal any cracks and vulnerabilities in your home's foundation, especially those large enough for a small rodent to pass through.


  • It is recommended to remove any low-hanging shrubbery that may be present around the perimeter of your residence.


  • Steer clear of accumulations of brush or wood near or in your crawl space. These types of build-ups can pose a hazard, especially regarding pests.

AdvantaClean Addresses the Moisture Issues

It's no secret that unwanted rodents can be a significant nuisance in any home, and are often attracted to crawl spaces. Fortunately, several simple solutions can help eliminate crawl space moisture issues and keep rodents at bay. One effective method is to install a crawl space vapor barrier, which helps prevent moisture from seeping into your home. Another option is to fix any landscaping grade issues causing water to pool near your foundation. Ensuring rainwater is guttered away from your property can also help reduce moisture levels.

If you've tried these methods and still struggle with rodent infestations or moisture problems, it may be time to seek the assistance of a professional crawl space service expert from AdvantaClean. We can assess your situation and provide tailored solutions that can help eliminate pests and improve your home's overall health and safety.

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