AdvantaClean Offers Water Mitigation Services for Dunwoody Homes

When your property experiences damage from storms, significant spills, burst pipes, or appliance malfunctions, you learn an entirely new vocabulary while grasping what is necessary for restorers to complete during the project. Water mitigation in Dunwoody precedes remediation, but both types of interventions are essential to conclude the restoration process. Although the tasks done by AdvantaClean technicians flow fairly seamlessly from one to the next, it is helpful to differentiate between the two terms. Mitigation strategies focus on halting the progress of water damage, working toward reducing the severity of the situation. In turn, stopping the intrusion and migration of fluids limits the disruption and cost of returning your residence to the comfort and function of its previous condition. Remediation is the process of removing the evidence of damage already suffered by your dwelling (cleaning, deodorizing, and drying are examples.)

AdvantaClean Professionals Mitigate Water Damage

A wide range of interventions is available to AdvantaClean professionals confronting a water damage scenario. Sharing details with our customers about the different methods and reasoning supporting each as a compelling piece of the restoration puzzle is a priority. Although usually short-lived and temporary, some mitigations can feel intrusive. Collaborating with our customers through transparent communication builds respect and trust that benefits all during the stress of a disaster restoration project. Commonly employed strategies we describe before implementation during Dunwoody water mitigation include:

Comprehensive assessment of the scenario, including identifying and controlling safety hazards

Categorizing the contamination level of water to ensure appropriate containment and other safeguards protect occupants and technicians during the project

Securing exterior damage in post-storm circumstances to prevent further leakage

Shutting off main supply lines until plumbing contractors repair broken pipes or connections

Diverting water flow to drain away from vulnerable building materials or contents

Moving a property's contents away from flooded spaces, including placing risers under furniture and equipment or performing a partial or total pack-out of affected areas

Removing debris, including mucking out of silt and dirt, for appropriate and lawful disposal

Removing the standing water and setting the stage for facilitating the evaporation of moisture absorbed into building materials through the use of:

Moisture detection and metering tools to gather data for defining water mitigation perimeters and eventually establishing drying goals as the process moves into remediation

Submersible pumps

Truck-mounted and portable extractors

Squeegees and brooms

Do Not Wait for Your Property to Dry Out on Its Own

Prompt, professional water mitigation for Dunwoody houses struggling with wet structural components and personal property not only controls the intensity of the damage it also limits expense and disruption. Halting the harm to your building from water incursion within the first 24 to 48 hours is essential as microbial growth of molds and human pathogens soars during the first day or two after the emergency. Restoration of your property's existing building materials through mitigation and remediation is usually considerably less costly than demolition and replacement with new components. Wet contents from documents and books through furniture and clothing nearly always have sentimental value, especially family heirlooms and irreplaceable personal items. Waiting for air drying or buying "new" for any of your property is not a sustainable option.

Highly Trained Mitigation Technicians Have

Effective mater mitigation in Dunwoody needs a trained and scalable workforce with access to professional, high-efficiency equipment. AdvantaClean's technicians and managers master restoration industry best practices for wet structures and contents through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) coursework and certification. If sewage or overland flooding invades, properly trained technicians don personal protective equipment (PPE) and contain and dispose of the contaminated fluids according to applicable regulations and rules.

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Engaging a full-spectrum restoration company like AdvantaClean is critical when you need Dunwoody water mitigation services. A swift response by our local IICRC-certified crews protects your property from progressive deterioration and secondary damage like mold.

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