Expert Help Ensures Proper Fire Restoration

After a fire damages your home, how will you handle the recovery process? Concerns about the cost and disruption might make it seem that the only option is to tackle the job yourself. However, it is essential to remember that cleaning up residential fire and smoke damage is a complex challenge, even for experts. Most homeowners have little experience identifying and performing the tasks necessary to remediate fire damage. It is also unlikely that you own or have easy access to the specialized equipment needed to remove dangerous debris and residues efficiently. Employing trained technicians from AdvantaClean ensures accurate hazard assessment and developing and implementing a safe and individualized fire damage removal.

Hire Professionals to Avoid Exposure to Residues 

Removing charred materials and soot is part of a Dunwoody fire damage cleanup job. The air quality inside your home also declines from residual smoke and vaporization of volatile chemicals from superheated structures, fixtures, and contents. Soot forms when grease, food, wood, plastics, rubber, foam, textiles, and more, burn incompletely. Heat and flames cause chemical changes in these items, destroying the encapsulation around certain hazardous construction components. Cleaning activities stir up the residues, making a problematic situation even worse. Exposure to the compounds listed below can have adverse health effects when inhaled or during skin contact. 

  • Asbestos fibers

  • Ammonia

  • Tar

  • Formaldehyde

  • Lead

AdvantaClean work crews wear personal protective equipment and use advanced negative pressure air scrubbing techniques to exhaust smoke and floating contaminants while performing soiling removal. They also keep you and your family out of the workspace, sometimes using sealed containment strategies to limit exposure. 

Training and Equipment Results in Fire Damage Cleanup

The AdvantaClean team completes rigorous certification courses from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to prepare for your fire damage project. Our workers are experts in fire damage cleanup but also bring other skills you might have yet to know were needed. For example, you expect aggressive soot removal because the chemical makeup of the particles continues to harm building materials until eradication. But you might not realize fire damage scenes in Dunwoody have some degree of water intrusion due to firefighting efforts. Some or all of the steps following are common in using specialized equipment during your recovery:

  • Water hazard and moisture detection assessment

  • Rapid water removal using pumps, extractors, and, finally, drying equipment like air movers and dehumidifiers

  • Evaluation of types of soot in your home and matching of the kinds to effective professional cleaning products--testing of cleaners in inconspicuous areas minimize possible harm to soot-covered surfaces

  • Use of various tools and strategies to loosen and dislodge soot--cleaning products might have grit added along with the employment of rough-edged tools to scrub off stubborn residues, heat might help intensify chemical reactions to break down soot, dwell times of cleaning products might lengthen to “soak” off soiling

Experts Work Quickly and Confidently

Hours and even minutes count during fire damage cleanup. Materials will discolor, deteriorate, and absorb odors more quickly the longer their exposure to smoke and soot. AdvantaClean crews are experienced and will know how to proceed with the cleanup in an efficient and effective way. Homeowners must learn on the job, no matter how diligent and motivated they are. In addition, the terror, worry, and grief that builds for you and your loved ones during and after a fire interfere with your ability to be effective, no matter how developed your skills are. 

After a home fire, call AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs at (404) 474-8443 as soon as possible. We answer inquiries 24/7 and have crews ready to quickly assess and perform emergency services.

AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs can help you to safely and effectively clean up fire damage. We know how difficult the situation feels and pledge to work with you professionally and compassionately as you start rebuilding your home and your life.

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