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A fire damage incident at your Dunwoody property may leave you feeling vulnerable as it limits your options, whether regarding your daily home and work routines or any financial plans you had laid down. After controlling the fire, the main focus is finding a way to salvage and safeguard valuables. The firefighting crews do a stellar job fighting the flames, but once they are gone, you need a different kind of professional to help you clean up and restore pre-loss conditions. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs is best suited to step in at this stage.

What is the first critical thing fire remediation companies do?

Reestablishing order is a priority; otherwise, it is difficult to perform any restoration task. A property in disarray can also be hazardous, as people can trip or injure themselves when hit by falling objects or stepping on sharp materials. Apart from shielding people from the dangers in your fire-damaged property, keeping them out is also critical since some of their actions, like walking around soiled floors, may worsen the situation.

After the fire damage incident, you might notice significant waste accumulation within your property. The wastes range from fine materials such as soot and ash to large chunks of charred wood, ceiling, and wall panels. Furniture items impacted by flames and heat also form part of the waste. Clearing out these wastes is essential, and fire remediation companies have ample resources to facilitate such procedures. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs crews are well prepared with heavy-duty trash bags and wheeled trash cans to organize the waste materials. We can also provide portable storage units to hold your valuables, temporarily clearing your house for restoration tasks such as cleaning, repairs, and deodorization. 

Actions necessary to clear the wastes left by fires

  • Vacuuming to lift fine debris such as soot 

  • Cutting up large panels into small manageable pieces

  • Bagging waste materials awaiting disposal

Help with financial decisions 

Costs start adding up the moment the first material within your property ignites. One consolation is insurance coverage since repairs and replacements can be reimbursed. However, you must be strategic to ensure the claim is fully processed and done promptly. Fire remediation companies also help in this regard by assisting you in gathering proof of loss. For example, our crews record videos and take photos inside and outside your property. We also work closely with your insurance adjuster getting approvals before designating anything for disposal. We also help you get various documents that you need to process an insurance claim, including:

  • An inventory of damaged items

  • Restoration estimates and quotes

  • Direct you to fill necessary reports like police or medical

Moisture issues after fire damage

A fire incident can evolve to water damage for several reasons. If you have an automated fire fighting system, such as a sprinkler, it can release significant amounts of water, soaking up contents and structural areas. Firefighters also spray high volumes of water into a building to suppress flames, leaving things wet. AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs crew is equipped to handle moisture in fire damage sites. We have vacuum extractors, air movers, and dehumidifiers to manage wetness in different materials. 

Another closely related issue is odors from combustion processes or materials degrading due to moisture exposure. A professional team combats odors in different ways, including using electronic systems such as Hydroxyl and Ozone generators to neutralize odor molecules in the air. We can apply sealing agents to defeat any persistent odors from unfinished areas, such as structural framing or within HVAC ducts. You can rely on AdvantaClean of Sandy Springs for various fire remediation solutions restoring your home to its initial condition before the incident. 

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