Whether you plan to sell a home soon or just want to plan ahead for the future, waterproofing your basement is a project that will only help increase your home’s value.

Why is that?

1) Waterproofing a basement makes it a usable space. When the risk of moisture is removed, a basement is a safe place for extra storage, a work shop or laundry room. If you plan to finish a basement to make it additional living space, water proofing is the first step.

2) Foundation issues can be a deal breaker for home buyers. Keeping the foundation dry helps maintain its structural integrity. When water can seep into cracks, it slowly erodes the foundation. Foundation repair can be extremely costly, so preventing cracks is a worthwhile investment.

3) Energy-efficiency is a hot topic for home buyers. Waterproofing your basement keeps the space better insulated and avoids hot or cold air leaks. That saves the HVAC unit some work and can reduce energy costs.

4) Mold is a direct result of moisture and a major red flag for a home inspector. Mold can cause an odor that will deter home buyers and cause physical symptoms like sneezing, itching and respiratory distress. Waterproofing a basement drastically reduces the chance of mold or mildew growing and spreading.

5) Pests are also a common problem with basements. Many insects are drawn to a wet environment, like a damp basement. That in turn brings in more insects to hunt the silverfish and centipedes who love a wet place to hide. Luckily, waterproofing helps reduce moisture and can seal off the cracks and crevices that bugs use to get inside.

A certified technician can inspect your basement and offer the best solution for waterproofing. Some options include crack repair, sump pump installation, curtain drains and dehumidifiers. AdvantaClean provides a variety of options for basement weatherproofing, performed by trained professionals.

The bottom line: waterproofing your basement pays off when the time comes to sell your home. You can avoid a lengthy negotiation and possible price reduction by waterproofing your basement early on.

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