Anyone from the Tri-State area would know that the weather over here can change any second, from sunshine & heat to enough rain to create a flood, from extreme heat to freezing temperature, we have it all. When we are talking about the rain, we need to prioritize it from flooding your home.

How will you do that? Well, tight sealing and good construction are going to help up to a certain extent. However, they have their limitations. That is why it is wise to invest in a good sump pump.

What Does a Sump Pump Do?

A sump pump is an amazingly simple device. The sump pump is installed at the lowest point on your property, which is the basement, where water will naturally seek to pool in the event of flooding. The pump is installed in a pit, which is called the sump pit, in a way where it rests below the water level. In case of a flood, the water level rises to trigger a switch that activates the pump. It will then pump water out of the area until the water recedes sufficiently.

Sump Pump Tips

  1. In case of a prolonged period without rainfall or flooding, evaluate the functionality of the pump by using a bucket to fill up the sump pit
  2. Schedule maintenance. Like a generator or any other emergency electrical device, this is a device that you are (hopefully) not relying on frequently. Do not wait for an inopportune time to discover problems.
  3. Consider a battery backup. This backup pump will still need to work even if the power goes down. Chances of power going down are high with the weather condition that might require you to use the sump pump in the first place.

Hire a Professional to Install and Service Your Sump Pump


Considering that you already have a sump pit ready, it is still important that you hire professionals like AdvantaClean of the Tri-state to install and service your sump pump. You need the expertise to ensure that the pump is ready to deal with all sorts of emergencies and it can take the right amount of load. AdvantaClean can also inspect your sump pump regularly to ensure proper operation.

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