Mold Myths vs Reality

Most Common Mold Myths


Mold can exist wherever there is moisture, and chances are you will encounter mold growth in your home or office at some point. Make sure you aren’t falling prey to some of the common myths about mold that circulate. Let’s set the record on mold straight.


Myth: The color of mold determines if it is hazardous.

Reality: People are taught to fear black mold, when in reality any color mold can be toxic. Other types of mold may appear black but not technically be the same mold variety. Some mold isn’t entirely visible depending on the surface. Whether it’s black, brown or green, the only way to determine a mold’s toxicity is through mold analysis in a certified lab.


Myth: Only people with respiratory issues are affected by mold.

Reality: People with asthma or other respiratory illness are much more likely to be susceptible to mold, but that doesn’t mean healthy people are immune. Anyone can experience side effects from mold exposure. Itching, sneezing, watery eyes and skin rashes are other symptoms of mold exposure in addition to respiratory distress.


Myth: Bleach can kill mold.

Reality: This most common myth about mold is only partly true. Bleach can remove mold on the surface layer. That’s why you can remove traces of mold from a hard surface like tile in your bathroom. But bleach cannot kill mold that has grown on a porous surface, like wood. Bleach won’t reach the root of the mold to kill it at its core. That requires professional remediation.


Myth: Mold only appears after water damage.

Reality: Water damage from a flood or a leak often results in mold because of the large amounts of water that allowed mold to flourish. But any area with moisture can have mold growth. High-humidity and condensation are two less obvious sources of moisture that contribute to mold growth on a daily basis.


Myth: A little mold won’t spread.

Reality: Mold is a living organism that doesn’t stay put for long. Mold spores start spreading across a surface within hours, and enter the air just as quickly. A small area of mold may not seem like a concern, but that area is growing before your eyes.



Professional mold remediation companies like AdvantaClean know these myths and have tried-and-true methods for removing mold and stopping the spread. Call 606-331-5001 to learn more about mold remediation options for the Tri-State area.