Mold Inspection in Ashland, KY

Finding your dream home is an exciting time. Finding hidden problems in that home is not. That’s why home inspections are a vital part of the real estate process.

Christopher Hutchinson II, Branch Partner of Keller Williams in Ashland, helps home buyers understand the importance and the scope of a home inspection.

“Every home is a complicated set of systems and there will always be some type of issue,” Hutchinson said. “We just want to make sure there aren’t major issues and be aware of or address issues that may be critical.”

One critical issue that may arise is mold or moisture in the home. That’s when a home inspection becomes vital. Because mold can hide in unseen places, home owners might not even know it is present until a trained inspector visits the property.

“Home inspectors are specialized and trained to scour every inch of the crawlspace, basement, attic, walls, every outlet and switch to ensure everything is in proper working order to the best of their knowledge,” Hutchinson said.

A thorough home inspector will report to the prospective buyers if a mold-like substance is discovered and often recommend mold testing be performed. Once a home inspection report comes back, it’s up to the buyers and sellers to negotiate how to handle any issues found.

AdvantaClean is a Tri-State based company that tests for mold. Using non-invasive methods, AdvantaClean will determine the type of mold found and propose a remediation plan.

There are many different ways that buyers and sellers can address mold remediation. 

Typically, it is up to the sellers to fix issues like mold or termites, but agreements can be made between both parties prior to closing, Hutchinson said.

Making sure a home is mold-free for the new owners is the ultimate goal. People considering putting their home on the market can be proactive and request a free mold inspection and estimate by AdvantaClean.

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