Does your insurance company cover water damage?

Water damage can be an expensive affair and, in most cases, none of us are really prepared for it. But like any costly accident, you need to get covered in such situations. water damage insurance is nothing new, however, certain scenarios are not covered by your insurance. To help you with this, here is everything you need to know about water damage insurance.

What is Water Damage Insurance?

As the name suggests it is the money you receive when your house suffers from water damage to help deal with the repairs & cleanup work. While companies like AdvantaClean come in for the cleanup, insurance companies ensure there are enough funds for you to pay for the work.

Situations Where Water Damage Insurance Works

There are situations where insurance companies will pay for the damages caused to your home. Here are the situations when your insurance will cover the cost resulting from water damage:

  • Accidental leaks- Any kind of expense in repairing leaks from the broken pipe will get covered.
  • Burst pipes- The cost of repairing water damage from burst pipes due to frozen pipes will be reimbursed.
  • Damage from fires- If the water was used to put out a fire and caused damage to your property, the damage will be insured.
  • Roof leaks- Any kind of water damage to your home because of a roof leak will be covered by insurance unless the leak was not caused by a fallen tree or a caved-in roof that was not fixed previously.
  • Water damage from storms like heavy and sudden rain.

Situations When Your Insurance Will Not Cover the Cost

There are however certain situations where your insurance will not cover the damage clean up and repair expenses. Understanding these will help you prepare better. Let us look at the instances where insurance will not cover water damage:

  • Flood damage. Any damage caused by extreme flooding will not be covered
  • When the water damage happens due to the owner’s negligence and lack of maintenance, the insurance will not cover it.
  • Damage for intentional acts. If you set your ho on fire or turn off the heat in winter, then you will not be compensated for whatever damage
  • For water damage from backup sewer lines there is a separate cover.
  • Cost of repairing source. This insurance covers repairing and cleanup of your home and will not cover the source or origin behind the problem.


Knowing what is covered in water damage will ensure you are prepared for sudden accidents. If you have water damage in your home, contact the experts at AdvantaClean of the Tri-State.