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Water Damage Case Studies

AdvantaClean has been in business for 22 years

Advantaclean dries our commercial building due to water damage

Bermuda Lakes Apartments - Kissimmee, FL 34741


AdvantaClean was contracted by Bermuda Lakes Condo Association to perform multiple environmental services at Bermuda Lakes Apartments in Kissimmee, Florida as a result of the hurricanes of 2004. 
•    This project consisted of mold remediation, drying and structural demolition of the entire complex after the hurricanes of 2004.
•    AdvantaClean also provided temporary tarping of roofs and siding that were destroyed during the storm. 
•    AdvantaClean employed over 100 qualified technicians daily on this project for a period of eight weeks, preparing the complex for reconstruction.

Hurwitz Mintz Fine Furniture - Metairie, LA 70001


AdvantaClean was contracted by Hurwitz Mintz Fine Furniture to perform multiple environmental services at their showroom in Metairie, Louisiana as a result of severe flooding from Hurricane Katrina.

  • This project consisted of mold remediation, demolition and structural drying of the entire facility after the hurricanes of 2005.
  • The store sustained four feet of standing water throughout, affecting the structure and contents of the facility. 
  • All contents were removed and disposed of, and the entire structure was remediated from eight feet down. 
  • AdvantaClean cleaned and sanitized all affected areas and prepared the building for reconstruction.

Due to our efforts, Hurwitz Mintz was one of the first furniture stores re-opened in the greater New Orleans area.

SOUTH SEAS RESORT - Captiva Island, FL 33924


AdvantaClean was contracted by South Seas Resort to perform multiple environmental services.
•    This project consisted of remediation of the convention center, restaurants and other various buildings at South Seas Resort to prepare them for reconstruction.
•    Services included demolition, structural drying, remediation, and duct sealing and cleaning.
•    A 15-man crew worked 12-hour shifts for three weeks in order to prepare the facility for reconstruction.
•    In the meeting rooms, the work was complicated by 30 foot ceilings, which were affected by water and mold damage from the ceiling down.  Our crews worked from lifts and scaffolding in order to access these areas.
AdvantaClean passed all clearance testing done by independent testing firms on the first round and the project was completed on time and within budget.


AdvantaClean was contracted by Beam Construction Company to perform multiple environmental services at Mooresville Intermediate School 
•    The school had a sprinkler pipe leak causing water damage to the gymnasium and stage floors. Mold was discovered under the floor.
•    The scope of work for this project included removing the gymnasium and stage floating floor system. This flooring consisted of ¾ wood floor fastened to multiple layers of plywood and 2x4 material.
•    All areas were cleaned, HEPA vacuumed and disinfected.