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Basement Mold

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basement moisture control in Marietta, GA

Basement moisture is caused by lack of ventilation. Basements are normally abandoned parts of the home that have excessive amounts of moisture in the air. Basements don't have the proper kind of ventilation to lock moisture out. If moisture is trapped in the basement for long periods of time a mildew smell may arise. If this happens your home or business can be contaminated with mold. 

What Are the Causes of basement moisture? 

  • Poor Ventilation 
  • Water Damage 
  • Leaky Pipes 
  • Improper Grading 
  • Humid Temperatures 
  • Lack of Air Conditioning 

Basement solutions 

When you call AdvantaClean of Marietta our certified trained technicians will find the proper moisture control solutions for your home or business. Our ultimate goal is to decrease the amount of moisture located below your house and decrease your chances of developing mold. The key to locking out moisture in the basement is humidity control. 

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