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AdvantaClean of the South Sound delivers superior water damage mitigation, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, and moisture control services to the Gig Harbor.  We are locally owned and operated by a military veteran family, and care about the Gig Harbor community. If you have water damage, need mold removal, crawlspace moisture issues, or just need your air ducts cleaned, call AdvantaClean of the South Sound! You can’t get better service 24/7, 365 days per year.

Gig Harbor, WA Case Study 

Mold Damage Issues

Location: 98332

Customer: Janell 

Problem: AdvantaClean was called out to inspect a house that tenants had found mold in.  There was a bad smell in the downstairs laundry room and visible mold in the upstairs bathroom and in two areas in the garage. During the inspection we found the laundry room had high moisture content wall and slightly visible signs of mold growth on the wall behind the sink. Another area with water damage was found in a separate downstairs bathroom. The home owner agreed to move forward with the remediation work that needed to be done. 

Solution: To start, mold remediation was conducted in 4 separate areas of the house- the upstairs master bathroom, downstairs bathroom, laundry room and garage.  A leak from an upstairs bathroom tub drain had caused significant damage in the laundry room below, a foundation leak had caused mold in one area of the garage and a leak in some plumbing had caused more damage in another area of the garage. High humidity caused the damage in the upstairs master bathroom. The water damage in the downstairs bathroom was from uncontrolled water flowing out of the shower while in use.  While removing sheetrock in the upstairs master bathroom, we discovered mold throughout the attic. In the attic, we removed all the insulation, removed the mold, conducted attic ceiling penetration sealing, and replaced the attic insulation.  All plumbing leaks were repaired, foundation water penetrations fixed, and a high quality humidity sensing fan installed in the master bathroom.  After all the issues were fixed and the mold was properly remediated, everything was repaired and/or replaced.

Customer Testimonial- Janell, 98332

"I can not say enough about Jared and his team.  I have a rental unit in Gig Harbor which had extensive mold issues.  I live out of state and was unable to be in Gig Harbor at the time. Jared took care of everything.  Constantly communicating with me and my tenants.  The house now looks like new!  What a great company.  This is the first Yelp I have ever written about anyone so that shows how happy I have been with his terrific service!" 

home remediation in Gig Harbor, WA  black mold from water damage in Gig Harbor, WA

mold testing in Gig Harbor, WA  mold around water pipe in Gig Harbor, WA

mold remediation and moisture in Gig Harbor, WA  mold remediation in a bathroom in Gig Harbor, WA

mold removal from a moist and damp laundry room in Gig Harbor, WA

Water Supply Line Burst During Vacation

Customer: John 

Location: 98332

Problem: After a month long vacation to Europe, the home owners arrived to a disaster in their Gig Harbor home.  The water supply line to the sink in the bathroom had burst and water had been gushing out for an estimated period of 7-10 days.  The house was three levels- walk out basement, main floor, and an upstairs.  The bathroom on the main floor was location of the burst supply line and approximately 60% of the main floor and the entire basement was affected.  Also, because the amount of time the building and contents were wet, mold had started to grow. AdvantaClean of the South Sound was called out to get the situation under control.

Solution: We arrived quickly to assess the damage and start the work. The solution involved carefully packing and moving the owner’s belongings to the garage before water damage mitigation or mold remediation could begin.  Containment and negative pressure was set up and established to prevent further damage and contamination to the unaffected areas of the house.  Demolition to all the affected areas took place next. Carpet, hardwood and vinyl flooring was removed.  Cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and drywall was also removed.  Fans and dehumidifiers were set up and the building was dried out.  Mold remediation and detailed cleaning followed to include pressure washing the deck and driveway.  The owners had a contractor they wanted to use and they conducted the rebuild that included an improved kitchen layout and upgraded cabinets. The owners also informed me that they would not be leaving the water on during future vacations!

water pipe burst in Gig Harbor, WA water damage ruins the living room of a home in Gig Harbor, WA

water damage extraction from drywall in Gig Harbor, WA water damage ruined the occupants home in Gig Harbor, WA

water damage needed proper drying after a pipe burst in Gig Harbor, WA water damage remediation in the living area of a home in Gig Harbor, WA

water intrusion ripped into the drywall and hardwood flooring of a Gig Harbor, WA home  Gig Harbor, WA water damage restoration

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