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AdvantaClean of the South Sound delivers superior water damage mitigation, mold remediation, air duct cleaning, and moisture control services to the DuPont community.  Locally owned and operated by a military veteran family, the owners have lived in DuPont for over 10 years. We know the area and understand the military community.  If you have water damage, black mold, or just need your air ducts cleaned, call your neighbors! You can’t get faster or better service 24/7 and 365 days per year.

DuPont, WA Case Study 

Toilet Malfunction Causes Major Water Damage

Location: 9827 

Customer: Sumi 

Problem: The toilet float valve malfunctioned without warning while Sumi was at work.  The valve failed allowing water to overflow from the tank for a period of hours. When she returned home she found that water had made its way through 4 different areas upstairs and all the way down to the living room floor. To make matters worse, Sumi was scheduled to leave for a long vacation in two days.

Solution: Sumi called us at AdvantaClean of the South Sound and we arrived quickly and got to work. We had to remove some sheetrock in the living room and flooring the in upstairs bathroom to expedite the drying process so that mold would not have a chance to grow. Professional grade dehumidifiers and fans were strategically placed and the affected areas were dry within a few days.  By this time Sumi had left for vacation so we got right to work repairing the damage to her home.  When Sumi arrived back from her vacation, all that was left to finish the repair work was some touch up painting and carpet cleaning.

water damage caused by toiled malfunction in DuPont, WA  water damage mitigation in DuPont, WA

mold removal from water damage in DuPont, WA 

DuPont Water Damage- New Home Owners 2nd Day in Home

Location: 98327

Customer: Mark

Problem: During the first night in their new home, DuPont residents woke up to an unpleasant reality.  After using the bathroom before bed, the upstairs toilet become clogged and the flapper valve in the tank stuck open.  This allowed the toilet to overflow throughout the night.  Dirty water from the toilet had made its way through 4 areas upstairs, and another 3 areas below- including the kitchen.  AdvantaClean was called to perform water mitigation services.

Solution: We arrived in less than an hour and got straight to work.  Because there was fecal matter in the water that overflowed the toilet, we had to remove all non-structural building materials that were affected. Because the home owners addressed the water damage situation immediately, mold did not have a chance to grow and become a problem.  Fans and dehumidifiers were set up both upstairs and downstairs and we dried the structure out in few days. While the flooding was not a welcome home warming present for the new owners, they were at least able to make some design improvements during the reconstruction process. 

water damage in kitchen from overflown toiled in DuPont, WA water damage on top of the kitchen ceiling in new home in DuPont, WA 

water damage source in DuPont, WA home  toilet extraction after severe water damage in DuPont,WA

water damage drying in DuPont, WA water damage extraction and drying mitigation in DuPont,WA 

water extraction from the overflown toiled in DuPont, WA drywall removal on top of the kitchen from water damage in DuPont, WA

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